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Chicago school is so horrible that they only offer PE classes online

April V. Taylor

According to a recent report by The Huffington Post, the U.S. Department of Education has opened an investigation into allegations of discrimination against two public schools that are located in the South Side of Chicago.  The schools involved have seen so many cuts that physical education – a class that generally requires in person participation – is now only available online.  The schools, Dyett High and Mollison Elementary, have student populations that are majority African American which has caused many to question whether or not the reduced course offerings and other conditions have created an environment where students are receiving a separate and unequal education compared to their white peers.

Parents and students at the two schools expressed their concerns in a press release from the Rainbow PUSH Coalition stating that they have been forced to, “endure an education that is separate and unequal.”  Students at the school have to take art, gym, music and Spanish classes online.  They are also not given the opportunity to take advanced placement or honors classes that are offered at schools who have not been so gravely impacted by budget cuts.  In addition, students are subject to overcrowding due to the mass closure of 50 schools in the area, which was approved by the school board in 2013.

The coalition has been a participant in pushing for a federal investigation of conditions at the two schools.  Regarding the investigation, senior advisor to Rev. Jesse Jackson, Jeanette Wilson, states, “The fact that they are going to look into it at all says that some of the practices that have been accepted as normal and appropriate are now being questioned.”  Rev. Jackson has been a key player in pushing to keep Dyett High open.  He stated to DNAinfo that, “These students deserve equal and adequate protection under the law.  We deserve an equal playing field for our children, too.”

In addition to investigating schools in Chicago, the Department of Education is also investigating civil rights complaints in New Orleans, Louisiana and Newark, New Jersey.


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3 thoughts on “Chicago school is so horrible that they only offer PE classes online

  1. Harold

    Our federal taxes are supposed to help in these situations. We need to force our local and state leaders (Mayors and Governors) to revisit each state’s agreement with the federal government to allow the federal government to tax the state’s citizens.

  2. Jessica

    Dear blind black people, can’t you see that Black America is being forced to pay for the hispanic illegal alien invasion of America, which is backed by democrat politicians and corporate businessmen to grow the Democrat vote?

    The Mayor, Rahm Emanuel closed 52 schools in black neighborhoods in Chicago, claiming a budget short fall. Then one month later he announces he’s building twp huge state of the art schools in hispanic illegal alien neighborhoods. Both Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have remained silent regarding this colossal Democrat betrayal; because it is their job to be political Judas goats to the black vote, and to promote the ludicrous idea of a black/hispanic coalition that benefits the Democrat party, but ensures the demise of black political power.

    In every so-called “sanctuary city” the same things are happening. Simultaneously, Mexican drug cartels via 100,000 Mexican gang members, have moved in and are running guns and drugs to black gangs and thugs; and even creating new black drug gangs to fight for territory within black neighborhoods. Black gang wars are terrorizing black communities, and causing black urban flight, which makes room for illegal alien neighborhood expansion. Thousands of illegals keep arriving every week. Black political power is being slowly displaced by hispanic foreigners, while black taxpayers are being forced to support their own displacement.

    Young hispanics are favored by Democrat headed city and county governments for education, social services, welfare, and jobs. The NAACP released a study that indicated that 92% of black teens and those in their early 20’s are unemployed in Cook County.

    A recently released national study shows that more than 80% of all the job growth in America over the past six years has gone to immigrants illegal and legal.

    Black people had better organized to save African American culture – without the involvement of celebrities and especially without black and white politicians. We need to focus on a black church school movement. We have the qualified educators who are capable of spearheading an alternative to public school. We don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Both Lutherans(Germans) and Catholics(Irish/Italians) have proven that church schools produce superior curriculum.

    The most powerful thing Black America can do is to demand to educate our own children in safe morally decent environments that encourage stellar scholarship, the preservation of our culture, and the produce enlightened graduates who will produce stable black families.


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