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Meet Ramarni Wilfred: His IQ Is Higher Than Einstein and Bill Gates

By: Krystle Crossman

There are smart kids and then there are really smart kids. An 11 year old boy from the United Kingdom recently proved just how smart he was with an IQ test score of 162. This is higher than Stephen Hawking, Albert Einstein and Bill Gates. The news was a shock but young Ramarni Wilfred remained modest. When interviewed by the Romford Reporter he humbly stated that he couldn’t be compared with those great men as they have gone on to do work that has proved their genius IQ.

Wilfred’s mother was not surprised one bit. Even when he was a baby she knew that there was something extraordinary about her son. By 18 months old she would have conversations about the news with him. Is favorite book at that time was the encyclopedia. Most children at 18 months are still getting their footing while walking and are still trying to sound out words. By the time he was three years old he was about to read and write.

Wilfred was invited to join MENSA which is a collection of people in the country with the highest IQs. As a member of the group he is able to go to gatherings and speak to people who are his same age but also same intellect. He will be able to see what life is like for the other kids that are as smart as he is. He certainly had not let this all go to his head however. He states that none of it has really sunk in at this point and he is still just happy being 11.

One of the youngest people ever to be invited to join MENSA is Alexis Martin from Pheonix, Arizona. She was just three years old when she joined MENSA with an IQ of 160. She learned to read at age two and then after that taught herself Spanish using her parents’ iPad. At age two most children can barely turn on an iPad let alone teach themselves Spanish with it. Her father knew that there was something special about her. Her IQ score placed her in the top 2% of intelligent minds in the country.

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10 thoughts on “Meet Ramarni Wilfred: His IQ Is Higher Than Einstein and Bill Gates

  1. WizardG

    His IQ may be higher than that of many others, but will his sense of presence and knowledge of history lead him to serve the people instead of the tyrants who run the corporations and plunder this and every country their geniuses help them to devour? Will he help the Anglo-elite oppress the people and commit genocide across the African diaspora like many other black geniuses? I would say that he will. And probably without knowing it . As genius as he is!

    • jaime love

      Unlike Matty, I don’t think you are asinine at all! What you said is the TRUTH! There are many geniuses in this world, but many are NOT cultural geniuses, specifically African culture! One must NOT compare their giftedness/genius to a Western/European standard, BECAUSE Africans are the original geniuses AND creators of Knowledge!

    • Donna Lusciousdc Sayles-Corbin

      I also understand what you are saying. You aren’t calling this boy stupid or anything else. You are just pointing out that there have been previous Black geniuses used against their own. I guess some people can’t read and comprehend this. It has been done before and history has a bad habit of repeating it;s self. If this young man isn’t diligent in his way of thinking about the survival of his race, they could use him/his knowledge, knowingly and unknowingly against them. I’m sure his parents will hopefully instill in him love for himself and the survival of his race. But we non-geniuses have to do the same to the best of our abilities too!

    • Larry Edwards

      Just as long as he stay away from the USA. Otherwise, once the stupid police discover he is a smart kid- they’ll be gunning for him.

  2. Matty Matilda

    I came across this website because I was so impressed by this young man. I was searching to see if he is of West Indian Heritage. WizardG is a total and complete ass. He is unwilling to accept the notion of a black genius; therefore for the idea to become more acceptable he has to imagine that he will be inherently stupid. What a nasty piece of filth!! Aargh!! makes my blood boil.

    Love the fact that Anthea is a single mother, doing it all by herself. My sister I salute you.

  3. Danyeill

    @WizardG, Your clearly a racist and have learned the good ole boy way of \PROJECTION\ and \RATIONALIZATION.\ Your ignorance is what I love to see because I know that as long as red necks like You are STILL around, I know that I have taught my children well in continuing to weed OUT the FAKE and keep the REAL as FRIENDS. Get a LIFE and GO \project\ your dumbass \rationalizations\ on somebody WHO truly gives a DAMN. @Anthea, You’ve done a grand JOB and as a fellow single parent I send KUDOS of LOVE and PRAISES that Ramarni continues to make You PROUD.


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