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When Your Child is a Reluctant Learner

By: Krystle Crossman

Sometimes getting kids to do what you want them to do is a challenge. Everything becomes a fight. They don’t want to do this, they don’t want to do that, and then it turns into “I won’t”. This is a normal thing for any household but what do you do when they begin to fight with you when it comes to home-schooling? How do you those who refuse to be taught? Home-school mother Jennifer Fisher from offers up some suggestions on what to watch for when you are home-schooling and how you can help your child want to learn.

1. Is the material that you are teaching too easy for your child? – They may become very bored if the material that you are giving to them is too easy. They may not express to you that it is not challenging enough or they may not even realize it. All they know is that they do not want to do the work because they are bored. Try something a little more difficult with them to see if it sparks their interest and gets them thinking. As them about what they would like to learn and build on a lesson from that. When they are interested in what they are doing and it is at the appropriate age level for them there will be much less resistance.

2. Is the material that you are teaching them too hard? – If the material is not too easy for your child it may be too difficult. If they are becoming frustrated with what they are learning because it is too hard they will give up. Look at what you are teaching and make sure that it is appropriate for their age range. You want to make sure that it is challenging enough but not too hard.

3. Are they just kids being kids? – Kids are stubborn by nature. It is what they do. In this case you just need to sit down with your child and have a heart to heart with them about why they need to listen and do their work. Should they continue with the behavior disciplinary action may be in order.

4. Do they need encouragement? – For some reason some children think that they are not good enough or not smart enough and are afraid to do the work. They are scared that they are going to show how dumb they are, even though they are not. Give them positive reinforcements and encourage them as much as possible so they realize that they are smart and capable.

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