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Is It Too Early To Home-school Your 5 Year Old?

By: Krystle Crossman

Home-schooling your children is meant to break the mold of traditional schooling. There are not supposed to be bells that tell your child when the next class is. You can make your own schedule, plan your own lessons, and teach your child about things they are interested in. Another tradition that is thrown out the window is age. There are no grade levels so your child could be doing math problems that are beyond their age if they are able to. So when do you start home-schooling your child? How young is too young? Children usually start preschool around 5 years old but many say that this is still too young and they still need time to be creative and have free play time as opposed to sitting and learning direct lessons. So what do you do when you are trying to home-school your child who is of a younger age and they just won’t do it?

Writer Jamie Martin gets questions from people all of the time about home-schooling. She had one in particular that she felt was worth a response. The mother asked her what to do when her five year old son refused to participate in the schooling lessons that she was trying to give him. She said that he would much rather be playing outside or sitting inside and playing with Legos. She asked Martin how her kids are at that age and what she does to help them to sit and learn?

Martin answered that Legos, playing outside, and drawing are exactly what he should be doing. All of these things are teaching lessons without the child knowing that they are actually learning something. While they are in the middle of playing you can read out loud to them. While they are playing with blocks you can ask them questions about the colors and the shapes. You can even throw in small math questions. She says that all of these are perfect times for learning and thinking but shouldn’t be turned into strict lessons.

When a child wants to learn and is interested they will get so much more out of it. One of the problems with traditional schooling is that they place the children in grades based upon their age and decide what they need to learn. With home-schooling you can move at a pace that is comfortable for your child and really get them to enjoy it.

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