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FL School District Causes Stir By Refusing Standardized Tests

By: Krystle Crossman

The Lee County School District in Florida has had enough. They held a vote to refuse the state-mandated testing in schools. The motion passed with a 3-2 vote. They felt that this was in the best interest of everyone, especially the students. The crowd that participated in the meeting was mostly in favor of the vote as well. They felt that the students were not learning anything from these standardized tests and they also feel that what the students are learning in school is only geared towards taking these tests, not towards information to be used in their futures.

This vote set a precedent throughout the nation and the other school districts in Florida are watching carefully to see what the outcome of all of this is. Even though Florida was one of the first states to adopt the Common Core standards they have changed the standards so much that they are now considered the Florida Standards. The Common Core has been fought by many states and many have rejected them. The Lee County School District is the 33rd largest school district in the nation and they will be watching for others across the nation to follow suit.

Nancy Graham, the superintendent of the district was not in favor of the vote and said that this was going to hurt the students. One of the problems that this could cause for the students is that they may have a hard time meeting the requirements to qualify for a diploma. The schools may also lose certain state and federal funding. A chairman for the school board, Thomas Scott, stated that they can’t just sit back and complain about these tests and standards. They have to actually do something about them.

Standardized testing has been met with a lot of criticism all around the country as there are so many required tests that the students have to take as of late and many feel that they are either being used for the wrong thing or that the students aren’t learning anything that will help them later on in life. Their learning is geared towards the specific test that they are going to have to take with no time left for practical knowledge.

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2 thoughts on “FL School District Causes Stir By Refusing Standardized Tests

  1. 3d2002

    I am glad they are speaking up, now to get other states on board will stamp out these mystical teachings for our children.


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