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Is $ex Education for 7 Year Olds Too Early?

By: Krystle Crossman

Almost all parents fear the time in their child’s life when it is time for “the talk”. But at what age should you be having that talk with them? Should they hear their s*x education from you first or should you let the schools handle that? Unfortunately by the time many parents are ready to talk to their kids about it something has already happened the child is in trouble. STDs run rampant through the country and teens are getting younger and younger when they get them. How early should we be teaching our kids about s*x to ensure that they are well-informed about the risks without exposing them to things they shouldn’t yet be exposed to?

In Great Britain the Liberal Democratic party is proposing that they start s*x education in schools with children as young as seven years old. They want to outline the dangers of social media and internet p0rn. Is this too young to be teaching kids about s*x? Some argue that the earlier that they teach them the more informed they will be and will be able to make better choices in life before it is too late. Critics however state that they do not want their children learning such things at such a young age because they want to protect the child’s innocence and don’t want to scar them or put thoughts in their heads.

Kids today are intelligent and much more observant than in generations passed. They are learning about things at a much earlier age and are curious but sometimes cannot get the information that they need. Parents should not be afraid to talk to their children about this subject but should be cautious about how much they tell them. The Liberal Democrats in the UK plan on telling them all about social media such as Facebook and Twitter and the potential for explicit material that can be found on these types of sites. They also plan on avoiding anything that is too extreme for younger children and sticking with lessons that are age appropriate so that the kids are not exposed to things that they should not be when they are that young.

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