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Why Is Satanic Church Giving Public School Kids Coloring Books?

By: Krystle Crossman

The state of Florida has recently begun allowing Christian schools to deliver Bibles and pamphlets to public schools so that children can read about religion if they are interested. This did not sit well with the Atheists and so they demanded that they be allowed to distribute their materials as well. After the Atheists were allowed to send their materials over, the Satanists jumped on board.

Now there are religious materials of all kinds being distributed in the schools in Florida (mainly Orange County). Lucien Greaves, the spokesperson for the Satanic Temple stated that it was the responsible thing for the schools to do to allow their religious materials into the classrooms as well. He said that they thought the children would be really interested in what they saw in the materials. One of the things that they passed out in classrooms was a coloring book. It seems innocent enough because after all, it is just a coloring book. But then when you look closer you can see the message that they are trying to bring out.

The front cover of the coloring book has four people standing together. A boy and a girl are holding hands. The girl’s has an upside-down pentagram on her shirt and the boy has a goat’s head (Goat of Mendes which is a mockery of Jesus being the “Lamb of God”) on his shirt. The title reads, “The Satanic Children’s Big Book of Activities”. Inside you will find photos such as a connect-the-dots puzzle which when completed shows an inverted pentagram with the goat’s head inside of it.

The matter of material distribution was brought before a judge. The judge ruled that if Christian materials were being allowed in the schools than it was only fair that the Atheist materials should be allowed too. After that ruling the Satanist Temple decided that it was time to make their move. Greaves also made a statement that they thought the separation of Church and State should be upheld and that under other circumstances they would not push for their materials to be allowed in schools, but if one religion is being represented they believe that they all should be.

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6 thoughts on “Why Is Satanic Church Giving Public School Kids Coloring Books?

  1. Jay

    The organization that published this workbook is actually a very down-to-earth, progressive group of folks. They published the book as a protest against what they perceive as the degradation of the barrier between church and state. The intent was to provoke an emotional reaction in people in a way that could spur some introspection about what it feels like to have someone else’s religion promoted in public schools.

    • Randi

      Oh, Thank God, for your explanation! And this is why church and state need to remain separate. Because once the door is open… It’s open. And rightfully so for any religion.

  2. Regina

    First of all Krystle Crossman,

    Get your lies straight. Atheists are not Satanists. Your are a white woman who is making a career by writing lies. So big F-ing deal that you are a xtian. So what. What is it about other religions promoting their faith that bother you idiotic xtians?

    In case you did not know, Satanism is a RELIGION.

    You really need to study the origins of the xtian religion and if you are mature and adult enough, you will see that xtianity is based on pagan beliefs. However, I have never met an educated xtian to admit that.

    Quit the double standard and the lies. I’d rather be in the company of a honest Satanist instead of a lying xtian.


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