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After 22 years, Teacher Says Becoming a Teacher “Is Not Worth It”

By: Krystle Crossman

We all know that school budgets are falling more and more every year. Some schools cannot afford the basic supplies that their students need and it ends up falling on the teachers to provide the students with the best materials for their education. The problem is that the teachers are also suffering from cutbacks and they end up paying for these materials out of their own pockets. This is exactly what Callie Hammond has gone through. She teaches high school English but has to make the difficult decision to either have a little extra spending money for her children or buy her students the materials that they need for her class because the school won’t provide them. Most of the timer her students win. It is not a fair situation that she is in but she cares about the success of her students.

Hammond teaches in North Carolina which was one of the lowest budgeted states when it came to education. A separate study that came from the National Education Association found that the teachers in North Carolina were the lowest paid in the country. Hammond stated during an interview released by Progress North Carolina that at this point it is not worth it to be a teacher in North Carolina. The superintendent of public instruction in North Carolina, June Atkinson, stated that the state really needed to be more invested in its teachers because right now it isn’t taking care of them at all. Not only is this hurting the teachers but it is hurting the students as well.

Hammond commented on the local legislation in her state saying that they are so far out of the loop on what is really going on in public schools that it is extremely discouraging. Senator Kay Hagan (Democrat) accused House Speaker Thom Tillis (Republican) of cutting the educational budget in North Carolina by $500 million. He stated that he did no such thing and actually increased the budgets as well as the teachers’ salaries. While the politicians are fighting over who did what the students and teachers are still suffering and no help seems to be in sight.

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7 thoughts on “After 22 years, Teacher Says Becoming a Teacher “Is Not Worth It”

  1. A. G.

    How sad that the people that are in charge of teaching tomorrows leaders are so poorly paid! Twenty years ago a friend of mine who taught school had a Masters in Ed. and wanted to know how much I was paid and when I told her she became highly upset for I made $10,000 a year more working for IBM with only a two year degree! Most of our southern schools do not put much stock in paying their teachers. Could that be the reason most of our smarter students come from the north and east? To get and hold the best teachers, you must pay them a decent living wage!

  2. Gregory Hamblet

    I bet that an overwhelming number of the teachers in NC DONT HAVE UNION REPRESENTATION. North Carolina is a “right to work” state which means workers in the state are not afforded the protections and representation – union members receive in states that don’t have RTW. NC – Be Wise ORGANIZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. James Robertson

    Republican. Tom Tillis, loves his job of hurting education and Teachers, Medicare is the same with him cut, cut, cut, in every area that hurt the poor. Maybe he can restore these cuts with his hefty campaign funds. Tom help the poor for once, everything you cut are essential to the future of this state.

  4. dubbautee

    she’s absolutely spot-on right. teacher’s pay suck big time. and to put up with today’s disrespectful-ass kids? oh man…i wouldnt dare, in a million years, become a teacher – for that lousy pay they’re paid. a teacher’s position needs a starting pay of at least $65K w/a Master’s and $60k w/a Bachelor’s. sad with respect to the little money our educators make. something needs to be done for them as far as pay is concern.

  5. Lester L. Washington, Bth, MA, M.ED. ABD


    That is a sad statement for teaching but I, as a lifetime certified teacher, past president of a NEA affiliate, and educational researcher perfectly understand because America’s educational system was never designed for all Americans except prior to 1492, Native American education. The founding fathers forgot Gods promise that “if you deny education to others, your children, grand, great grand, etc will be denied education eventually!” God does not lie!! The American educational has a built in component called by researchers “ACADEMIC AND EDUCATIONAL HOMICIDE [AEH](c). That is, it was not designed for white women, females, Native, African, African American, Hispanics, Mexican, Mayan, International, Asian, Indian, Black, or other non European Americans and women. Ir was designed foundationally for European males, INITIALLY, and later all others were “allowed and tolerated!!” Thus, like any faulty foundation, it collapses in time and through history, challenges, and changes. The Great American Educational System has a built in component to fail and take the nation down with it. It has a built in component that the founding father did not know would destroy their own great white/ mixed nation. No nation has ever survived that denied equal education to all women (200,000,000), minorities in its borders (80,000,000+), and others. Through denial, hate, AEH, denial of access, teachers that don’t look like or equally care about and in fact some who make sure that minorities and women are not educated and don’t succeed (including women in power who engage in this practice), we will see the “DEATH OF THE NATION.” It is inherent in the systematic practices, even against our own American people we claim we’re trying to save, educate, and elevate. All of the evil killings and practices in the world are due to and can only be corrected by true education which comes from true, fair, and absolutely sovereign governments that make and enforce fair laws!! Gods healing, correcting the system, changing to an educated Government that respects all people and will eventually fill the earth with fair education for all is the only solution. That government and its educational system will fill the earth with true education and the knowledge of God, YHVH, JAH, Jehovah, and destroy all nations and educational associations, federations, institutions, school, colleges, universities, etc the do not teach truth and are not fair (Daniel 2:25-48). Remember, all people, world or community leaders, ministers, rabbis, teachers, instructors, parents, governing officials, non leaders, the rich, middle class, poor, all races, genders, colors, etc were and are the product of their oor some educational systems!! TRUE AND GOOD TEACHERS AND EDUCATORS CARE ABOUT ALL STUDENTS AND THE OTHER TEACHERS/EDUCATORS AND SHOULD BE VALUED, PAID, AND RESPECTED!! Soon all of teachers and educators will be respected, paid, uplifted, and cherished for what they do, teach and fill the world with true knowledge, fairness, equality, truth, fair educational practices, and good knowledge the teaches all of us to live in peace, harmony, and with respect via education and out teaches (Daniel 2:255-48, Is 2:2-4). People will look for teachers and seek education that will cause the to beat their weapons into farm equipment and stop killing, abusing, and hating each other. Yes, we will finally respect teachers and pay them their due for the beloved profession! Hit me at llwashing at Gmail dot com. Lester, Bth, MA, M.ED, ABD


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