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Bill Gates Thinks It Is Ridiculous Not to Support Common Core

By: Krystle Crossman

There are many people who are in opposition of the new Common Core standards that are being implemented in schools all over the country. One of the biggest issues that the critics have is that it seems to take all of the decisions that the state and local districts have over what is taught and gives it all over to the government. They fear that soon curriculum will be determined by the government and not the members of the state and local districts that know the students, know the areas, and know the teachers. Those who support the Common Core feel that taking local districts out of the decision making process is not a bad thing.

Microsoft creator Bill Gates recently gave a speech about the Common Core and said that he didn’t realize how big of a political issue this would turn into. He wonders why and states that yes, the Common Core supporters are trying to have a more automated curriculum, but why is that a bad thing? Shouldn’t all students be learning the same thing? There are standards set in place at the moment that determine what a child should learn based on the grade that they are in but with the local districts running the show every school is learning something different. He asked if the railroad tracks in Georgia should be wider than everyone else’s trying to get his point across that so many things in life are standard for everyone. The problem is that there is a big difference between the size of railroad tracks and a child’s education.

The problem is that not all students are the same. Some students grow up in areas that are not as wealthy as others and so they lack resources and teachers. Others grow up in extremely wealthy areas and have the best teachers, the best materials, and more resources than they can handle. These two different types of students are not going to get the same education. With Common Core standards set in place, yes it could be a good thing for the students in the lower-class schools because they will be learning what everyone else learns, but the students in the wealthier schools may feel like they are suddenly having their education stripped away as they are used to a higher standard.

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