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Mother Furious When a Suicide Contract is Given to Her 5 Year Old at School

By: Krystle Crossman

E.R. Dixon Elementary School in Alabama is in hot water with one mother after they reportedly made her daughter sign a suicide contract because of a drawing. The little girl had drawn a picture of a gun in crayon and it was pointed at another student saying “pew pew” on the drawing. They gave the young girl a piece of paper and made her sign it. It stated that she promised not to hurt herself or anyone else in the school.

When her mother, Rebecca, went to pick her daughter up from school after the incident she was furious with the way it was handled. She felt that her daughter didn’t even understand half of the words in the contract, especially “suicide” and “homicide”. Rebecca felt that the situation was handled very poorly on the school’s part and that they needed to rethink their methods after this incident. At five years old her daughter is just drawing a picture and not realizing the implications that it could have. She doesn’t yet know about school shootings and student violence.

Martha Peek, the superintendent of Mobile County schools in Alabama, stated that the teacher was just following the policy that the school district has about action to take when a student implicates that they may harm another person or themselves. She is currently investigating the incident. While the policy may apply to certain actions such as threats or violence was this really necessary for a five year old who was drawing a picture? Peek admits that if the time was taken to actually look at the situation for what it was and if the principal of the school had been involved before having her sign the contract they probably could have handled it in a different way. She has not yet met with the girl’s mother but says that she will have a meeting and will let Rebecca know that everything is being taken care of.

Have we become overly sensitive in schools? School shootings are more prevalent today than they used to be, but does that mean that conclusions must be jumped to every time a young student such as this girl draws a simple picture?

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12 thoughts on “Mother Furious When a Suicide Contract is Given to Her 5 Year Old at School

  1. Greg Peniston

    unfortunate & misleading characterization….yes it should have been face-to-face, but again sensational headline barely related to text…

  2. ericaf

    Since guns are a big part of life in this society, everything kids see, even cartoons are violent, why drawing a gun and the sound it makes (to her) an act of violence? Common sense dictates the parent being called and the situation discussed. Now that paper could be a part of her permanent school record. And who says signing a paper saying you won’t do something means that you won’t? (Not saying a 5yr old is going to be a school shooter) but kids sign all sorts of things without kids what the meaning or implications are, especially if it comes from a trusted adult

  3. Cindy

    I believe every precaution should be taken when violence of any kind is drawn, discussed, etc…the mother should be more concerned with why the 5 year old is drawing such cruelty instead of running for lawsuits… We all know the drill… Kids need to be held accountable immediately… The school is for teaching… The parents should stop using schools as free daycare and get involved… Correct and train the child why he/she is young..bring God back to schools.

  4. Rick

    Cindy, please re-read the article and point out for me the paragraph that states she filed a lawsuit, give ret to the BS, you’re attempts to fuel a fire has failed, go back to bed!

  5. Jay Cee

    The same thing happened when my granddaughter was in 7th Grade. Another student drew a picture of a person pointing a gun with another person supposedly shot on the ground. The person on the ground was supposed to be a depiction of my granddaughter. The parents of both students and officials of the school were called in for a meeting. The situation was ironed out. But, when you have racist white teachers dealing with little Black children, that’s when you not only get this suicide note atrocity, but little children being put in handcuffs and carted off the jail for children-type infractions. Shameful.

  6. Wesley

    Uh ..Hello…this 5 year kid drew a picture of a gun shooting bullets at another student. Isn’t that the much bigger concern, then a note the teacher made the student signed???

  7. Lisa

    This is a five year old child. She was probably mad at the other kid in the picture. That doesn’t mean that she is going to do anything but draw pictures. Every kids draws pics similar to that. I remember drawing daggers coming out of eyes towards other kids when I was young but I never stabbed anyone. This is a child. Let the kid draw her pictures!

  8. Bettyboopbbw69

    A 5 year old cannot enter into a legal binding contract. The school should have called the mother first and inform her as to what they found and the teachers, administrators, and parent should have come to a conclusion together as to how to reprimand the child.

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