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Effective Ways to Reduce Your Child’s Challenging Behaviors

By: Krystle Crossman

Every child has challenging behaviors at one time or another. Here are some ways that you can calmly help your child to change that behavior and hopefully over time get rid of it altogether.

1. Remain calm. Even if you are frustrated it is only going to make matters worse if you show your child that they are frustrating you. Speak in a calm and soothing voice. This will help to calm them down as well.

2. Try not to surprise your child with a change in routine. Many children thrive on routines and schedules. Once something changes suddenly and without any warning they may act out in protest. Involve them in changes so that they are not taken by surprise and feel included.

3. Get them into yoga. Yoga is great for a fitness routine for adults but it is also a great way for kids to take a time out, relax, and clear their heads.

4. Shift your settings. If your child is acting out and over stimulated by toys or games in one room, bring them into a different room or bring them out for a walk so that they can settle down.

5. Teach them a different way to express what it is that they want. If they want a toy that their sibling has for example you can teach them to ask if they can borrow the toy or offer up a trade for the one that they want. This way they are not demanding their sibling to share which is often a trigger for a fight.

6. Be consistent with your routine. You can make a schedule and post it on a wall with pieces that move through the day as you move along in your schedule. This will engage them and also provide stability.

7. Give your child choices. Let them help you with things such as picking out what is for dinner or choosing where to go play. This will make them feel included and important. It also gives them some control over their environments.

8. When you notice positive behaviors make sure that you give them genuine praise. You want to reinforce the behaviors that are positive so that they tend to behave that way more often.

9. Make sure that there is fun in your child’s life every day. We all need fun in our lives. Play games, watch movies, go out for treats every now and then. Show them that their good behavior will earn more fun!

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