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Surprising Discipline Methods That Work

By: Krystle Crossman

When you discipline your children at home, what kind of methods do you use? Do you go for the empty or irrational threats? Or do you tell them that they can’t do something that is nearly impossible for them not to do? These methods probably don’t work and your kids know it. Mother Barbara Rowley has a few tricks up her sleeve that she uses at home which may not seem like they would work but surprisingly, they do.

1. If I am doing chores you are either in another room or you are helping me: If you find yourself with an armful of laundry and children at your feet thinking you are at their beck and call at the moment tell them they can either leave the room or they can help you. This will give them the power to choose. Rowley says that her kids want to spend the time with her rather than go to another room so they will help her with the chores. Win for Mom and a win for the kids.

2. No arguing about money: If your child asks you to buy something for them, you tell them no, and they carry on about it simply tell them that you are not arguing with them about money. This turns their focus from the object that they want and shifting it to having to do with the entire family. If they have their own money and want to buy something you can advise them on how to spend it wisely but at the end of the day you need to let them make the final decision to be fair.

3. Boredom doesn’t exist: If your kids whine about being bored tell them that there is no such thing. They need to figure out how to entertain themselves at some point and this is the perfect time. Tell them that they aren’t bored, they are just lacking in imagination.

4. I am off the clock: Let your kids know that at a certain point in the night, you are off of mom-duty. Before that time you will read all the stories and play all the dress-up they want, but after that, you are done. Rowley stated that her kids and husband are more time conscious and more helpful before that time.

5. Off with the noise: Kids are noisy, and when they are having fun they should be! But there are times when the noise is too much. Tell them that they can continue to be noisy but they have to do it somewhere else. This gives them a choice as to whether they want to switch rooms or quiet down.

6. No fits: “You get what you get, don’t throw a fit”. No more whining about who has the better toy or better plate or who has more chocolate chips in their cookies.

7. I can’t understand you: When your children enter that high-pitched squeak that they get when they are excited or upset you need to simply tell them that you can’t understand them and can’t help them until they speak normally. This will not only help you to understand them but will calm them down too.

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