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Homeschooling: How Early Is Too Early To Start

By: Krystle Crossman

Every parent wants their children to do well with their education. Some parents believe that getting their child started as early as possible is the best way for them to get ahead of the game. Starting your children too early could actually be a detriment to their education. How do you know what is too early though? Home-school blogger Wendy Hilton of Homeschooling Blessings says that parents shouldn’t be starting to school their children as early as some are. She explained in her blog why starting your child in schooling at too young of an age can harm their education in the long run.

Hilton started home-schooling her daughter at just two years old. However her daughter is Autistic and she had a special educational plan that needed to be adhered to. For most children however starting a formal learning plan this early may not be the best thing for them. They are curious creatures by nature and are soaking everything up like a sponge. They do not learn well when it is structured and formal. They learn much better through creative play and self-directed learning. They are little bundles of energy and cannot sit still for very long and concentrate.

Hilton also states that teaching children this young is not good for their parents either. She says that parents tend to think that something is wrong with their children if they don’t learn as quickly as they think that they should. If they don’t retain the information or are not able to comprehend what they are being taught some parents don’t think that it is because the children are too young or are not ready for that educational level yet. Instead they begin to think the worst and that their child may have a learning disorder.

Making your children learn in a formal setting too soon can frustrate them. They will grow to dislike learning instead of being excited about it. Hilton states that this is the time when you should teach them through creative play and physical activities as that is how they learn best when they are young.

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