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Mother Outraged That School Vaccinated Her Child Without Her Consent

By: Krystle Crossman

Vaccinations are a hot topic among parents in the United States. Many parents get the vaccinations for their children without argument. There are others that feel that vaccinations are not for their children. Some others think that vaccinations can cause medical problems. One of the biggest vaccination debates is about the flu vaccine. One mother was livid after she found out that her daughter’s school vaccinated her child with the flu shot without getting her permission to do so first.

Letisha Huff has a son in third grade at West Ada School District. She found out that they were testing a trial vaccination program of the flu shot and that her son had received the vaccination without her approval or permission at Prospect Elementary School. If a child is still a minor they need to have parental consent to receive any type of vaccination. Was this just an oversight by the school or were they intentionally giving the vaccine even though they knew that they hadn’t gotten permission?

A spokesperson from the school says that someone was not identified correctly and that is where the mistake happened. Huff’s son had the same name as another kid in his class and they swapped the two. Fortunately for the school Huff was not allergic to the flu shot. His mother states that she is not against vaccines and would have gotten one for her son anyway but she wanted it done in a doctor’s office instead of in a school trial program.

The program is in nine elementary schools and one high school this year. It started last year in five different schools. Last year they had a 40% participation rate. The vaccines are prescribed by physicians and are part of the Vaccines for Children program. Other than this one incident they have seen great results from the program thus far. The purpose of the program is to make sure that more children have access to the vaccine as so many children do not. It is a free program that is run through the schools in coordination with government programs. The last year’s results showed that student attendance was up from the previous year as less children have contracted the flu and been home-bound.

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6 thoughts on “Mother Outraged That School Vaccinated Her Child Without Her Consent

  1. Kami

    Where are these schools located? What is the racial composition of the children at the school? Why would they give experimental drugs to children?

  2. MJ

    The article says that the flue programme is being run in several schools. Knowing the hitory of vaccines in the Black community and the pharmaceutical companies financial insetives, I would need to know where these schools are located. If they are mainly in the black community, then ALARM BELLS should be ringing loud and clear!! What else are they putting in these vaccines? Autism is rife in boys in the black community, and if we go abroad – across the caribbean, this disorder is also endemic. Certain vaccines have been shown to be associated with this disorder, yet the health industrial complex continue to push for their drugs to be administered!

  3. She Holy

    This and other uncouth reasons is why the U.S. govt sought to remove the fathers from the homes; to punk the mothers they know won’t challenge and face them on their School Board grounds. Black Mothers need to forma Union to address and remove these kkklan- and anti-self minded teachers.


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