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Why Video Games Are Great For Your Child’s Education

By: Isabella Carson

Many parents don’t want their kids playing video games. They feel that they do nothing but give them hours of mindless entertainment and take away from activities that could better their child. The thing is, video games can actually be good for your child’s education. Here’s how:

1. Video games can help with stress. It is a time when the player can escape from all of the stresses of the day and help them to relax a little more. The games can also help to make their memory better as well as helping decision making because of the stress reduction.

2. Video games are a great social activity. It is far more fun to play with other people instead of alone. A study found that only 20% of video game players play by themselves. Children can play at home with friends or they can play and communicate with others online in role playing games.

3. Some video games have morals to the storylines. The stories can sometimes spark emotional responses from kids and they can then learn to use those emotions to deal with real-life situations as they arise.

4. There are video games for all ages now. Even babies can play visually stimulating games on tablets and phones. They help the children to learn colors, numbers, and the alphabet. As they grow older they also become very comfortable with technology and learn new skills as the technology evolves. This becomes very useful later in life.

5. Often when a game has a storyline they will put the story on the screen. Instructions for the game are also placed within the game as well so that children have to read them in order to continue on with the game. This increases their reading and comprehension skills dramatically.

6. Educational video games are a great tool for children that like to learn at their own pace. For example if they are playing a math game they will be able to advance when they answer problems correctly. If they answer them incorrectly the game will tailor itself to help them learn along the way and teach them how to answer those problems.

7. The educational video games that are out now, such as Dreambox, track your child’s progress in real-time so that you can monitor how they are doing. They also can tell what their strong points are and where they may have weaknesses.

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