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How To Raise a Child Who Isn’t Afraid To Be Charitable

By: Krystle Crossman

There are a lot of people who need help to get by. Raising a child that understands the needs of others and is willing to help them if they can is a great parenting feat. It may not always be easy to get your child into the mindset that there are other people that are less fortunate than they are but once you do you can set them up to be a very socially responsible person later in life. Here are some ways that you can teach them about being charitable.

1. Start off by showing your child that there are other people in the world that may not have as much as they do and that they need help from time to time. Show them articles or news stories about parts of the city where kids don’t have the shiniest and most expensive toys or even decent clothing. Teach them the difference between someone really needing the help and someone who is taking advantage as well.

2. Children learn by watching their parents. If they see you helping other and being kind to other people they will pick up on that and follow your lead. Set up a food drive or a toy drive and have them with you to show them what being charitable can mean to someone.

3. Let them learn from mistakes. Sometimes there are things that happen that can thwart charitable efforts. Help your children figure out ways past these hurdles and figure out their next steps.

4. Get your kids in on the action. If you are hosting or participating in a charitable event have them join in. Give them a specific job to do and make sure they know what an important part of the team they are. You can give this lesson at home as well by encouraging your child to help the family in their time of need such as when dinner is cooking and someone needs to set the table. Starting them out with small things like this will give them the foundation they need to go out on their own and volunteer.

5. Once you have them participating in a charitable act try not to take over. Let them do what they want to do while offering assistance and support. Make sure that you are not doing everything for them but let them know that you are there if they need you.

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