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School District in CA Argued 14 Yr Old Consented To $ex With 28 Yr Old Teacher

By: Krystle Crossman

When a student and a teacher have a relationship at school the teacher is usually fired immediately and statutory [email protected] charges are brought against them. The school also usually stands behind the student. However the Los Angeles Unified School District is in hot water with a lot of people because they are stating that they hold no responsibility at all in a case where a 14 year old girl was in a s*xual relationship with a 28 year old teacher for six months. They brought up a troubled past and stated that she should bear the brunt of the responsibility. This did not sit kindly with people around the country.

The 14 year old girl did consent to a relationship with the teacher however at that age she cannot legally consent to anything. Also due to her age it is considered statutory [email protected] The relationship started in 2010 between the student and math teacher Elkis Hermida. He was convicted in 2011 of lewd acts with a child and was sentenced to three years in prison. The victim’s family however did not feel that was enough and is now suing the school district because of the emotional damage that their child endured. The defense lawyer for the district stated that she chose to enter the relationship with the teacher and should be the one to take that responsibility of this incident.

Their trial lawyer brought up the girl’s past s*xual history to show that she has made these kinds of choices before. He stated that lied to her mother in order to go have relations with the teacher in a cheap motel and should be held liable. He then went on to state that she just wants to be paid for sleeping with the teacher which is why they are filing the lawsuit. The LAUSD stated that they had no idea about the relationship and should not be held responsible. The jury sided with the school district and the family is appealing the decision. The school district go rid of the lawyer that they worked with in this case but has retained the firm that he is part of after all of the negative attention.

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