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Assistant Principal In Hot Water After Racially Insensitive Tweet

By: Krystle Crossman

Social media is a great way to stay in touch with friends and family but it is also a great way to ruin your career or reputation. Assistant principal Amy Strickland found this out the hard way after she retweeted a post from a statirical site on her Twitter account. She meant it to be a good-natured humorous tweet but instead ended up being put on an administrative leave because of it.

Strickland retweeted a message from the account @OrNahhTweets which showed a photo of a group of white girls in prom dresses standing with their dates who all happened to be African-American men. The caption originally posted by the @OrNahhTweets account said, “Every white girl’s father’s worst nightmare or nah?” Strickland, having two daughters that went to prom with black men, thought that they would find it humorous and so she retweeted it. Suddenly she was being called out for being a racist. Strickland states that this is so far from the truth as she works in an urban school, Booker T Washington High School in Norfolk, VA, and has a great rapport with all of the students there.

Some of the students at the high school were sticking up for Strickland. They stated that she is a very nice woman and they don’t think that she sent that out to hurt anyone or to be malicious. However others felt that it was very wrong for her to post that. One student stated that he could have been any one of the guys that were in the photo and he does not consider himself to be anyone’s worst nightmare. Strickland apologized for the tweet and stated that she sent it out in June because of her daughters going to the prom which was months before she started her job at Booker T Washington.

The NAACP got involved as well and stated that they will be doing an investigation into the matter while she is on administrative leave.

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