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You May Be Surprised to Learn What Your Child’s Temperament Is

By: Serena Crawford

Everyone is born with something called a temperament. Everyone is different and reacts to situations differently but generally fall into certain temperament types. You may be surprised to see what your child would be categorized as based on their behaviors and emotions:

1. Reaction Intensities – These are the children that are over-the-top when they are reacting to a situation or they hide their feelings so that no one knows what they are thinking. They can be extremely happy or extremely sad about something. The low-key reactors will tend to be fussy and quiet. They will sleep longer than other children. You can try to stimulate them with things like dance music. The high-key reactors are the ones that over-react to everything and make it a big production. You can attempt to calm them down by switching the subject or anticipating their reaction and try to head it off at the pass.

2. Level of Activity – As your toddler grows you will find that your child is either an extremely active child that likes to run and explore every chance they get or they will be happy to sit and quietly play for hours. For the children who are not as active you can help them to become more active by doing things such as listening to upbeat music and getting them to dance with you, take walks together, and following their lead but encouraging them to do just a little more than what they are doing. For the children who are overly active try to calm them down with a low-key activity such as coloring or drawing and limiting their overly active play before bedtime. Give them a safe environment to explore and get that energy out.

3. Frustration Tolerance – Your child could become frustrated easily. How they react to it and handle it is where they will differ from others. Some will take it easy, think about what is frustrating them, and find a way to make it better. Others will simply give up. If your child is determined to figure out whatever it is that is frustrating them be by their side and help them to figure it out. For those who want to give up show them that there is a way that they can solve the problem so that they will be able to learn how to take care of their frustrations the next time they come up.

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