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Why This is One of the Best Things For Your Child’s Development

By: Isabella Carson

Children’s brains are like sponges. They soak up every bit of information that is laid out in front of them. So it is no wonder that the words that we say to them end up being repeated at some point. Unfortunately for many children there are more negative words that are spoken in the home than positive ones which can lead to poor performance in school.

Columbia and Rice University have conducted studies that link a child’s development to how their parents interact with them on a daily basis. They have found that children who are spoken to with positive and affirming words do much better in school down the line and have more confidence in themselves and their abilities. The children that had more negative words spoken to them did not do as well in school. They found that children that come from low-income homes hear and average of 30 million fewer words than those who live in middle-income or high-income homes.

Their statistics also showed that children from low-income homes heard 125,000 more negative words than they did positive words while children in higher income homes heard 560,000 more positive words than negative ones. This definitely puts the children in low-income homes at a disadvantage. The thing is, there is no reason for it. Every parent no matter what their class or income level is can speak to their children in a positive and loving manner. Here are some other things that can be done to help your child succeed and learn through your words:

– Make sure that they have books near them at all times. Even when they are babies. Read to them every day so that they are immersed in language.

– When you are speaking to them make sure that you are using new words all the time and that you speak to them in a pleasant manner.

– Use positive words more often than negatives ones.

– Encourage your children to start a dialogue with other children.

– Bring them to a library or a book store. Most of them will have a reading area for children that is quiet and comfortable.

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