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Parents Should Stop Worrying About These Things

By Krystle Crossman
Parents worry quite a bit about what others may think when it comes to their home life. This is a hard thing to let go of. There are a lot of things that parents worry about for years because they think that they are things that they should be worrying about. The Huffington Post compiled a list of things that parents should not be stressing out about through 2015:

1. Continuously picking up toys – Why bother wasting all of your energy picking up their toys when they are just going to throw them back on the floor within a few minutes anyway? Sit and play with them instead until it is time to put them away for the day.

2. The future – Yes, they will be going to high school and then college, they are going to be pressured by their peers, and they are going to be put in compromising situations. But those are all things that have not happened yet. You can simply prepare them and stop worrying.

3. Matching socks – Who is going to see their feet anyway? Even if they do have two different socks people will think it is cute or whimsical because they are kids.

4. Time – Make sure that you think about the timing of your day and make sure to make time for your family as much as you possibly can.

5. [email protected] – Some mothers think that they have to avoid formula or milk for as long as possible with their children. When you are done, you are done, don’t worry about it!

6. Messy spaces – Yes, your house may be a mess. But if you ask your child what you did together that day are they going to remember that the house wasn’t perfect? No, they will remember that you were too busy cleaning to play with them.

7. Meals – There are no set times for meals. You can feed them when they are hungry. A schedule is good and if you can keep meals on a regular schedule that is great, but if you can’t don’t make a big deal about it.

8. Family – When you have to make decisions for your family they are for your family and what is best for them. You shouldn’t be worrying about what your cousins or great aunts are going to think about that decision.

9. Independence – Your child is still dependent on you but give them a little breathing room and let them be independent once in a while.

10. Money – Money troubles affect almost all of us at one point or another. You have to make sure that you aren’t worrying too much about it because you will stress yourself out. Money does not make the world go around.

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