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How Home-schooling Can Give Your Child Life Skills They Won’t Get in Public School

By Krystle Crossman

There are a lot of things that you won’t learn from a traditional classroom. Many of these skills that you won’t learn are ones that you will need later in life when you are out on your own. Home-schooling is a great asset for parents who wish to teach their children these different skills. They will be more well-rounded once they get out in the real world.

1. Standing up for themselves – When you are at a doctor’s office and you know something is wrong but the doctor doesn’t seem to care or be looking in the right place you need to be able to stand up for yourself. Your children will need to learn how to speak up and make sure that their voices are being heard.

2. Self-defense – There are times when you may run across trouble as an adult and a little self-defense may be necessary. This may not be something that can be taught at home but there are great classes that can help where you may not be able to.

3. Stress relief – Schools sure do teach you about stress but they certainly don’t teach you how to take care of that stress. Everyone has a different way to get rid of their stress in life but helping your child to explore different techniques will help them greatly later in life.

4. Cooking – There are home economics classes in school but they really don’t take you the basics of cooking. There are opportunities every night when you are cooking dinner to have your child help you. You can teach them how to read a recipe, about the different measurements, and as they grow older about what tastes go well together and what don’t.

5. Websites – The internet is a huge marketing tools for businesses these days. Teaching your child how to build a website, even if it’s a simple one, is a great way to get them started in case they want to start a small business of their own. They can even start a side business building sites for others.

6. Marketing – Advertising and marketing are some of the best skills that you can acquire. Teach your child early on about business and marketing. Help them set up a lemonade stand and show them how to market it appropriately. When they are older you can show them different ways to advertise a small business they may have like babysitting or lawn mowing. This could help them make more money in the long run.

7. Finances – Managing your money is one of the biggest assets that you can possess in life. It is very important to learn how to save, balance a checkbook, and figure out a budget. Teach your kids early on by opening a bank account for them. Allow them to hand the teller the money they want to deposit into the account. Teach them about putting a portion of their allowance or chore money in the bank to save it. Most banks will give kids a calculator and checkbook which will help them to figure out how to balance it.

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