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Meet John Sumter: A Nine-Year Old “Child Genius” in The 99.9 Percentile

Nine year old John Sumter is in fourth grade like almost all kids his age. He is no regular child however. He possesses something that not many children his age possess. Along with being a student at River Oaks Elementary school in Myrtle Beach, SC, Sumter has been a student at Johns Hopkins University at the Center for Talented Youth. His intelligence is ranked in the 99.9th percentile.

When John was just two years old he learned how to read. His mother Traci told a story of how he was reading the warning labels on the side of a bouncy house at a party instead of bouncing and playing. She said that he counted the number of kids inside of the house and then told them that only 15 were allowed to be in there and that some had to get out. At two year old. Traci Sumter said that once they saw that he had learned to read at such a young age they stepped back and let his mind run free. Soon he had learned so much and had so much knowledge about everything from video games to quantum physics that he could talk to anyone about pretty much anything.

He was invited to be on a new show on Lifetime called Child Genius. It is a series that shows young bright minds and tests their intelligence and knowledge on a very broad range of subjects. At the end of the show the last kid standing won $100,000 for college. John wasn’t on the show for very long but he stated that he really enjoyed his time there because he was with his friends and was able to talk about anything that he wanted without restrictions other than time.

In 2013 the young Mensa member entered the Johns Hopkins University program at the Center for Talented Youth. He was among 38,000 other bright minds that have attended the center. To be a part of the Center he had to take a test call the SCAT test which combined the SAT and the ACT to get a sense of his knowledge and where there may be gaps. John ended up in the 30th percentile in the Center and was awarded in March for his achievements. He was also given the chance to attend classes at Johns Hopkins.

Even though John has this unique ability he still likes to live life like any other 9 year old kid. He loves video games, playing outdoors, and being with his friends.

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