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Uncle Leaves 9 Year Old Twins By Themselves for Five Months

By: Krystle Crossman

A Manchester, NH family took three of their children on a trip to Nigeria late last July. They left their twin 9 year old boys at their apartment with the boys’ uncle. They had planned on coming back in August but due to passport issues and illnesses they were not able to come back. It was discovered that the person that they thought was going to be responsible for their children had been anything but. The uncle, Giobari Atura, was recently arrested under charges of child endangerment when it was brought to light that he had left the boys alone in the apartment for almost all of the five months.

Atura stated that he went to check on the boys every few days and dropped off food when he had to go to work. When authorities went to check the condition of the boys after receiving a call from their school they found that there was nothing edible in the apartment other than some Ramen noodles. There was no working phone found in the apartment either. Atura said that he told the boys to call him if they needed anything but how could they do that without a working phone?

One of the neighbors in the very large apartment complex said that the boys wouldn’t have really stood out at all since the building was full of children. They never made noise. They would wake themselves up in the morning and head off to school where they would eat breakfast and lunch, and then they would go back to an empty apartment. One of the boys said that it was really lonely and they didn’t like being all alone. The parents stated that they had no idea that this was going on and every time they spoke with Atura on the phone he said that everything was fine. They were able to return back to the States shortly after this discovery.

Atura is being charge with child endangerment. The children were placed into foster care until their parents returned home. The parents will not be charged with anything as they left the boys in the care of a relative whom they thought would be a good caregiver.

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