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Superbowl Ad Aims to Make “Like a Girl” Empowering Instead of Insulting

By: Krystle Crossman

When players in sports want to taunt each other you never hear, “You throw like a man!” or “You run like a man!”. They always state that something is being done “like a girl”. These phrases have been around for quite some time and they haven’t gotten any less insulting. They are very common in schools and young girls are paying the price for it. They are growing up thinking that they are not as good as the boys and that if they don’t throw like the boys do they are doing something negative. The brand Always is trying to change that with a new Superbowl ad.

The ad begins by telling women and men to do things “like a girl”. The women and men begin to pretend that they are throwing a ball in errant directions or not even trying to hit whatever target they are looking for. They run in awkward and silly motions, making fun of someone running. The women are following right along with the men and don’t even realize that what they are doing is negative and is basically making fun of themselves. When they are asked to fight like a girl the silly slap fights are acted out.

Then the ad shows young girls, around 10 year old. The producers of the commercials ask them to do the same things. The young girls wind up and pitch the imaginary ball as if their lives depended on it. They pretended to sprint like marathon runners. They throw kicks and punches as if they were black belt masters. A young boy is asked to do the same and he responds the way that the adults do. The producers ask him if he thinks he just insulted his sister with what he did. He admits that yes, what he did probably insulted girls.

When the young girls were asked what it means when they are asked to “run like a girl”. The young girl responds that it means to run as fast as you can. They don’t realize that people use this phrase in a negative way until they are older. Always is trying to change the way we use the phrase and make it a more positive message. As girls grow older and hear these negative phrases being thrown around their confidence is lowered and they themselves start to make fun of their own. Watch the commercial below and let us know what you think of this new campaign.

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