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Artist Creates Black “Frozen”; Some Love it, Others are Outraged

By: Krystle Crossman

Race bending is something that not many people know of but is something that happens often in the virtual world. For example, the movie The Last Airbender. The characters were supposed to be black and Asian but instead M.Night Shyamalan cast all white actors instead and made all of the minorities the villains in the movie. A Brazilian “Frozen” fan created some racebending fan-art where he created pictures of Elsa and Anna as young black women. Some fans went wild for the new depictions while other avid Disney fans were not as thrilled and made sure that people knew it.

The popular site Buzzfeed showed off the artwork and called it stunning, which is absolutely is. The artist gave the African-American Elsa very ethnic features. Her hair was beautiful and curly. Her features were dark and exotic. One of the biggest problems that people seem to be having with this rendition of the Frozen princess is that the story is about Scandinavian roots and a Black Elsa does not fit with the story line. If it is an artist’s rendition should it matter?

The artist named Julia is not in any way stating that Disney needs to remake these movies with Black girls as the leads in all of them instead of white girls. She is simply interpreting the characters into something she would like to see and bringing a very under-represented race to light in the animated films. To date there has only been one Black Disney princess in the movie The Princess and the Frog. Even the movies Tarzan and The Lion King which were set in Africa did not have any black characters in them.

Disney is not the only movie company that is guilty of under-representing other races. Little girls grow up looking for actresses and successful people who look like them. This gives them a sense of representation and gives them hope for their own future. It is harder for people who are not a minority to understand because they are very represented in movies and on television. Their children grow up with a sense of place in the world without having to search too much for it.

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4 thoughts on “Artist Creates Black “Frozen”; Some Love it, Others are Outraged

  1. The Realist

    Why do we have to blacken every commercial successful white character for it to mean something to us? Is it really that phucking hard to imagine a black princess with her own authentic story? Leave their shyt alone and either support black artist/ novelist or continue to try to integrate yourselves in their industries so they can profit off of you black man/black woman. For phucks sake, get off their tip and create your own shyt.

  2. Curtis Baptiste

    Hello Mr. Commander, Chief, Mr & Ms President Obama. Former Presidents all of you please help America inhuman treatment of people of color may my fathers fathers fathers send the spirit of Justices to strike you criminals down. Stop creating a system for money using our children in America what country jail 75% of one race of people and call them selves a just country Sir stop the murders, rap, beheading, hanging, economic thief, and lies against people of color. Stop Stop my fathers fathers fathers spirits shall hunt the U.S government for allowing these horrifying crimes against humanity. All people should care about this subject it is a devastation of life a mark that dishonor Americans. White right wings still believe in slavery and the meaning of pink people as it relate to people of color has effect their health and they race of murders, rapist, and the destruction of their kind.

  3. Marcilyne Song

    I am so sick and tired of FROZEN anyway. It’s nice to see a ‘Black Elsa’, but from what my daughter told me, the story was stupid.


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