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Education Is The Most Important Civil Rights Issue, Says Michelle Obama

By: Krystle Crossman

Michelle Obama is no stranger to education. She attributes everything she has accomplished in life to the education that she got. Unfortunately there are so many students out there who give up on their education because of the condition of the schools that they are stuck with. Some have schools that are falling apart. Others have schools that do not have any updated technology to aid them in their quest for knowledge. Many are in schools with teachers who are not as qualified as other schools in higher income areas. This is a horrible thing to have to face but Mrs. Obama pleads with students to stick with their education even if they feel like they aren’t getting the best. She had two guest speakers with her at the White House panel discussion on Friday who knew a little something about discrimination and horrible school conditions.

Carlotta Walls LaNeir was a part of the Little Rock Nine which was the first group of black students to attend Little Rock Central High School during times of segregation. They had to have federal reserve troops escort them into school every day because of the angry mobs of people that stood outside of the school. They did not want desegregation and were very upset that nine black students were being allowed to attend the school. While in classes the students were harassed. It was not the ideal learning environment but they stuck with it and came out better for it. Charlayne Hunter-Gault was the first black woman ever to attend the University of Georgia. She also had to face racism and discrimination throughout her college education but she stuck with it and graduated.

Mrs. Obama says that even though it seems like their schools are not the best the students still have an easier time today because there are no angry mobs waiting outside the schools to harass any student of color that tried to walk into the building. She feels that with education comes responsibility and a better life as an adult. A lack of education is what leads kids down the wrong path and lands them in jail or worse. Right now she is making a plea for students to continue their education no matter what and states that at this moment the biggest and most important civil rights issue in the country is our children’s education.

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