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Thinking About Quitting Home-Schooling? Why You Should Rethink That Decision

By: Serena Crawford

Many people think about giving up on home-schooling once they are into it because they find hurdles that they either think are too daunting or are too impossible for them to overcome. Before you think about throwing in the towel think about why you are home-schooling in the first place and what the ramifications would be if you quit now. Here are some scenarios where people feel like quitting and why this could be detrimental to your child’s education:

1. Your home is insanely busy at all times. There are always masses of people in the house. The chores never seem to get done. Everyone is running around trying to get what they need done and trying to figure out ways to fill their time. How can you continue to home-school in chaos? Simple. You need a quiet space that is just for school time. Dedicate a room in your home where all of the school supplies go. Make sure it is as far away from the craziness as possible. Have a sign on the outside of the door that says that school is in session so there needs to be quiet in the house. Your children are going to be easily distracted in a classroom just as much as they will at home but will be able to get so much more done when they are at home with you.

2. You have a child that has special needs. This one is a little more difficult for some parents than others depending on the needs of the child. For example if your child has ADHD they do not like to sit still, they do not like lectures, and they need hands-on learning. This can be hard to find in a classroom as the teacher cannot just be focused on their needs. This leads them to act out and the other children make fun of them for it. If they remain at home with you they will be able to get the specialized one-on-one hands-on lesson plans that they need. Their education will not suffer and neither will their self-esteem.

3. Your spouse is not as helpful as you would like them to be. If you still work as well as home-school your spouse will have to pick up some of the home-school lessons now and then. They may work an insane amount of hours which leaves you as the sole teacher in the home. This is where outsourcing comes in handy. If your home is suffering because you haven’t had time to do chores because you are too busy with schooling and work, hire a maid to come in and help once a week. Get some handymen to do small jobs around the house. This will take some of the pressure off of you and you will be able to concentrate on your children.

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