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12 Year Old Kicked Off Facebook After Saying Obama Doesn’t Love America

By: Krystle Crossman

CJ Pearson had gained over 22,000 followers on his public Facebook page before he was kicked out. The 12 year old Georgia native states that Facebook said they kicked him off of the site because he was not 13, the age that you must be in order to use Facebook, but he believes that it was because of his political stance. The young conservative Republican posted a video on Youtube stating that he agreed with former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani when he said that President Barack Obama hated our nation.

Pearson had the support of Tea Party members for his stance on President Obama’s love for this country. His video has had over 1.6 million views thus far. He says that our president has no respect and no love for this country because he doesn’t take action on ISIS. He states that no action is being taken against domestic and international terrorists and this causes many people to question whether our nation’s leader really has the country’s best interests at heart. Rudy Giuliani made the same claims and Pearson feels that he was right with his commentary. He said that it is sad that nothing is being done and wonders if something will be done now that someone is calling our president up.

Pearson feels that he was targeted by Facebook because he knows many other kids that access Facebook on a daily basis who are not 13 years old yet (a great majority do so under a false birth date to make them appear older). He states that if you are going to have a rule you need to enforce it all of the time and not just when you feel like it. This is why he feels that he is being targeted for his political beliefs. He sees others who are not being kicked off and he is after posting his feelings against the president. Pearson is almost 13 and fully intends to make a new page on Facebook as soon as he is so they cannot claim that his age is the reason he is kicked off if they remove him again. For now he is continuing to post under a friend’s account who is old enough.

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