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Watch: Outraged mother confronts her child’s teacher

We don’t know why this mother is upset, but she seems outraged.  While it is certainly interesting to see this video (below), we wanted to use this as an opportunity to explain that there are right and wrong ways to address your child’s instructor.

After you watch the video, please visit this link to understand the correct ways to address your child’s teacher.  Often times, children will tell us things that are simply untrue, or at the very least, somewhat biased.  If you are a parent who is overzealous to defend your child against anyone who challenges him, you can become just the kind of helicopter parent who makes your child worse, rather than better.

Watch the video and tell us what you think.  What are some suggestions on how to confront your child’s teacher?

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3 thoughts on “Watch: Outraged mother confronts her child’s teacher

  1. Joe L.

    Good example of how some people act, this is why some people have trouble with the police, parents,other people in society. Good question is this the quiet, meek and teachable spirit that Jesus Christ died that we should posses and display, this is not a display of “my rights” this is utterly foolish.

  2. samjones sr

    Well if you are wondering why children are acting so crude, rude and disrespectful, just refer to this video. Why parents think that their children are always correct. They are not. Are there bad teachers? Sure but what sets off teachers are misbehaving children who do not listen and force the teachers to get angry. Such parents do not do their children a favor. What they do is reduce the respect for ALL authority figures and one day it will come back to YOU. Today it is the teacher, tomorrow it will be the parent. When children learn to respect legitimate authority and act accordingly, the country, the cities and schools in which we find ourselves will be much better places. Remember it is generally something OTHER than the teacher or school that has the student thinking about something other than learning and cooperating with other students and teachers.


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