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Poll About Opting Out of Standardized Testing Brings Surprising Results

By: Krystle Crossman

Even though many parents and students have spoken out against standardized testing a new poll from the Huffington Post shows that a majority of parents still don’t feel that the kids should be allowed to opt out of these tests. They are put in place to test the readiness of the students before going into college and in the middle of the year to make sure the teachers are doing their jobs and the students are retaining the information. They are a source of contention because teachers have to be so focused on teaching the students the information that will be on the tests that they have little to no time to teach anything beyond that. It is stressful for many teachers because they feel like they are being told what to teach and how to teach it and they have no control over their students’ education.

Students in some states such as New Mexico didn’t formally opt out of the tests they were given as they were not allowed to but that didn’t stop them from protesting and refusing to take them. The rules in this situation are very unclear and there is not much that the schools can do to enforce them when it comes to the entire student body protesting a required test such as the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers tests. The students feel like their education is being squandered because they are not getting to learn anything that is outside of the scope of these tests.

During the Huffington Post poll 1,000 people were asked questions about standardized tests and the answers were interesting. Out of those 1,000, 49% stated that these tests were more harmful than they were helpful and 51% said that K-12 students took far too many of these tests. Yet when they were asked if the K-12 students should be able to opt out of these tests 43% said no. The Huffington Post took to Twitter as well and asked people if opting out should be allowed and why or why not. A majority of the people stated that no, they should not be able to opt out of the tests. One person said that these standardized tests can be a great tool but they need a lot of improvement. Do you feel that students should be able to say no to standardized tests as a form or protest?

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