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How Young is Too Young for a Cell Phone?: Keeping Kids Safe

By: Isabella Carson

We live in an age where most people are connected digitally. Kids seem to be younger and younger when they get their first cell phones. How young is too young? There are safeguards on certain phones that ensure they are only able to call a few numbers that their parents program in but is there really a need for this? A recent study showed that the number of first graders that have a cell phone is a lot bigger than you may think.

Over 2,290 parents were surveyed by the company Vouchercloud. Out of these parents 53% said that their six year old children had cell phones. This is obviously not indicative of all first graders in the country but that still seems to be too many young children that had cell phones. Out of those parents 31% stated that they only gave their children cell phones so that they would be able to contact them at all times. Where are these six year olds going where there is no adult and they would have to use their own phone to call someone? Many parents are just preparing for the worst in case the child is kidnapped but this is a very unlikely scenario.

Does giving your child a cell phone at this age have any repercussions? It could. They will learn how to be connected at a very early age. This could end up turning them into a technology obsessed child just like when video games and television are introduced too early. There are some kid-friendly cell phones that when you purchase them give parents the ability to only program a few numbers in and those are the only ones that the kids can call. They are not given the option to text or email and there are no smartphone apps that are on these cell phones. Some parents give their children their old phones and unfortunately many of these come with access to the internet and games. If you feel that your child absolutely needs a cell phone when they are under 10 years old try finding the ones that give parents full control.

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