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Sixth-Grader With Autism Shoved to the Floor and Handcuffed, Charged With a Felony After Kicking a Trashcan

By: Krystle Crossman

11-year-old Kayleb Moon-Robinson from Lynchburg, VA has autism. He has some behavioral issues due to this but no more than most boys his age do. One big difference between this young man and many others his age is that he now has a felony on his record. You may be wondering what horrible thing Kayleb did to have a felony charge at the age of 11 but you would be shocked to find out the events that transpired at his school that landed him in juvenile court.

One day during his sixth grade class Kayleb was misbehaving. He was being scolded for it and became frustrated so he kicked the trash can. A few weeks passed and Kayleb had been scrutinized by the school after his very small outburst of frustration. They even created a new rule in the school that only he had to follow. He had to wait for all of the other kids to leave the classroom first and then he could leave. One day, a few weeks after the trash can incident, Kayleb began to file out of the classroom in an orderly fashion with his peers. He found himself being grabbed by the police officer that was on duty at the school. This was the same officer that had dealt with the incident a few weeks back.

The officer shoved and pulled Kayleb until he was out of the line of students. Kayleb fought back because he didn’t fully understand what was going on. All he knew was that someone was forcing him to do something he didn’t want to do. Once Kayleb started to push away from the officer things got out of hand. Kayleb said that the officer grabbed him, pushed him down on the floor, and then handcuffed him. None of the teachers or administration said a word while this was going on. They didn’t say anything as Kayleb was being lead out the door and off to juvenile court. Kayleb’s mother, Stacey Doss, was furious. She couldn’t believe that no one said anything or did anything.

While in court the police officer filed two charges. The first was a second degree misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge. The second was a felony charge of assaulting a police officer. The judge sided with the officer. If Kayleb’s mother chooses to file an appeal on the charge and loses that appeal her son will have a felony charge on his record for the rest of his life.

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3 thoughts on “Sixth-Grader With Autism Shoved to the Floor and Handcuffed, Charged With a Felony After Kicking a Trashcan

  1. Donna Corbin

    This officer should be taken out of this school first of all. Even if this boy wasn’t Autistic, he shouldn’t be grabbing and shoving somebody’s child for being in a fucking like. He should have reminded Kaleb that he wasn’t supposed to leave yet. There was no reason to put his hands on him PERIOD! But anything to give a Black male a record. They can’t keep jailing them on BS, so now they’re shooting them and making them criminals through the court as children. A felony? Really? I guess this officer was afraid for his life too.


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