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Study Says Hiring More Minority Teachers Could Be Amazing for Minority Students

By: Krystle Crossman

It is no secret that minority students have a harder time in public school than non-minority students. This is due to a multitude of factors such as the students having to deal with racism and stereotyping by teachers. Over 80% of public school teachers are white and many of them bring stereotypes to the classroom that affects the minority students greatly. They are pegged as bad kids before they even sit at a desk or are thought to be bad students before they even start to do work. One way to combat this issue according to a study conducted by researchers in Florida is to hire more minority teachers so that the students will have someone that they can relate to.

The researchers combed through data from the Florida State school districts and came up with some interesting results. They looked through tests that were taken by the students in different schools and looked at their scores. They then looked at the race of the teacher that the students had and looked at the correlation between the scores and whether they were the same or different race as their teacher. It was found that black and white students did better with reading when they had a teacher that was the same race as them. It was also found that black, white and Asian students did better in math when taught by a teacher of the same race.

The need for more minority teachers is bigger now than ever before. The 2014-2015 school year was the first year in history that there were more minority students that were enrolled than non-minority students. But the diversity, or lack thereof, of the teachers remains the same. In high school it is more imperative that students are taught by teachers that are of the same race as them. The study also showed that non-minority students were not negatively affected by having a teacher that is a different race. This is a call for a more diverse teaching staff all across the country. The students are in need and it seems that the schools are having a hard time compensating for that need.

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2 thoughts on “Study Says Hiring More Minority Teachers Could Be Amazing for Minority Students

  1. Akbar

    Duhhh… Why is this news? White females have been teaching our kids and we blamed the kids for not being smart enough, while the white students get the privilege of having a white teacher, principal, and an environment that is created for them, and we do not think that this helps their sense of belonging?! You have to do a study to know this?! Brown vs the Board of Education diluted this important relationship of the Black female teacher and the Black female student and especially the Black male, in their most impressionable years. The only problem was that they had dilapidated schools and tattered books and materials.

    We looked at the good of Brown vs the BOE, but not the bad, and now we are revisiting something that we should have addressed in the 1950’s. We tossed our Black children into an unprepared white school system because we thought is was wrong to love ourselves. Min Farrakhan said something that hit me one day, and I had only kind of listened to him, but he said (paraphrase)… we Black people learned to ‘hold the hands of little white boys and little white girls, but never learned to hold our own hands… how sick can you be?! Its like the Doll Study in the 1940’s by Dr. Ken and Mamie Clark, where Black kids saw the white dolls as smart and the Black dolls as bad. Hello?!

    Desegregation or Deprogramming?! Even though the experiment was influential in desegregating the schools the missing piece of the experiment was not how Black kids viewed themselves, but why did they view the whites as better? That did not come from de jure’ segregation, it came from seeing the white children with better things and the Black community with less in every life circumstance. This experiment was repeated in 2005 with pretty much the same results, so much for Desegregation. The same images of white privilege exists today, and our kids see it and keep moving as if this is the way it supposed to be. They grow up and just try to fit in.

  2. A. G.

    This is so true, we need more representation of our kids especially more male Black teachers. There is no way White teachers can teach our kids effectively when they truly don’t care weather our children learn or not. The only thing a White teacher seems to comprehend is White children. These days it also appears we have way too many White sex abusers in our school system from teachers to coachers. Instead of teaching they are looking for someone’s child to abuse.


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