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New Proposed Home-school Rules in Michigan Have Home-school Parents Worried

By: Krystle Crossman

Parents in West Michigan are worried about the future of the way that they home-school their children. State Representative Stephanie Chang is proposing that parents who home-school their children must register their children with the state and be in constant contact with the schools and with the state to make sure that they are safe. They also want to have a school representative or clergy member visit with the children twice per year to ensure that they are safe. This follows the news of Detroit mother, 35 year old Mitchelle Blair, who killed her 11 year old and 15 year old children and then put their bodies in a freezer. No one knew anything was wrong because they were home-schooled and were not required to check in with the schools.

One family in Michigan, the McCrory’s, feel that while they applaud the state for wanting to ensure the children’s safety, they believe that this innocent step could end up leading to even more control over how they home-school their children. Michelle McCrory states that this could be a “slippery slope” towards too much government control over her home and how she teaches her children. They are aware that there are other states that require children to register and check in with the schools. There are even some who require parents to choose from certain curriculum that the children must be taught. This is something that the McCrory’s and many other home-school families fear will happen to them in Michigan once this one change is implemented.

Mrs. McCrory says that there are children who are harmed every single day whether they are in public schools or not and while she understands that this change may seem innocent enough it takes away from the freedom that home-school families have. They home-school to break out of the public school regime and once one rule or law is imposed there are sure to be more to follow. In Michigan in 2013 lawmakers had tried to impose a bill where parents would have to register themselves as home-school teachers however this did not pass once it got to the House.

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