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Niecy Nash, Lisa Leslie, and Sherri Shepherd Offer Tips on How to Help Children With Homework

By: Krystle Crossman

Helping your kids with homework can be a frustrating experience for you and your child. With the Common Core standards coming into play parents are having a much harder time helping their children with their homework, especially when it comes to math. Children have a different way of doing math these days and parents find that they have to become the teacher when they are doing homework with their child. So how are you going to help your child when they are having a problem with their homework? Sherri Shepherd, Niecy Nash, and Lisa Leslie sat down and discussed the topic and shared the different ways that they overcame this issue.

Sherri Shepherd stated that when she sits down with her child to do math she feels like she needs to become the teacher. She knows how to get the answer the way that she was taught in school but these days the students need to show their work and they are told to figure out the problems in a different way. Shepherd tries to ask her child about how they got to the answer that they have and she will try to check it to make sure that it is right. Lisa Leslie stated that she would go online and look up the different terms that the teachers were using so that she could figure out the language on the homework. For example she said that when she was in school they calling it “carrying the one” but now it is called “regrouping”. Many parents don’t know about these terms and are forced to look them up online.

I myself had issues when my son brought home his math homework. I had to look up the specific worksheet online and look at the answer to figure out how to get to that answer so that I could help explain it to him so that he could figure out the answer on his own. It is more work than ever to help your child with the schoolwork that they bring back. At the end of their talk Niecy Nash joked and said that she solved their homework problem by marrying an electrical engineer and would send the kids to see him when they had homework.

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