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How Chores Are Preparing Your Child for Adulthood

By: Isabella Carson

Many children hate doing chores. They feel that it takes away from playtime and will complain when they are told it’s time to do them. There are some kids who don’t mind chores at all and are more than willing to help their parents out. Little do most children know that chores are preparing them for their adult lives. Here are some lessons that chores can teach that are carried into adulthood:

1. Responsibility – Making a child take charge of a certain chore is a great way for them to learn about responsibility. They will need to learn to keep track of the tasks at hand and also to make sure that they are doing them in a timely manner. If we don’t teach our kids responsibility they will go out into the world thinking others are going to do everything for them.

2. Choices and consequences – Children will learn early on that their choices can come with some consequences if they are not careful. They will also learn that there are great benefits to making good choices. For example, a child who has the chore of vacuuming the floor can make the choice to be responsible and do it, or sit around and let the floor get dirty. The child that does the chore may get an allowance, praise from their parents, or a special treat. The child that refuses to do chores may have things taken away from them little by little until they start pitching in around the house. This lesson can be applied when they are an adult because when you are at work you may get a raise or recognition for completing a job. You could get fired for not completing it.

3. Adulthood – When children go out into the world they will need to know how to do things for themselves such as the dishes, laundry, and general housekeeping items. If they do not learn how to do these when they are children they are going to be lost when they finally move out on their own. Having them complete chores helps them to learn how to support a home in the future.

4. Contributions – Children see that they are making a difference in the home when they complete their chores. They are doing something that helps out the family as a whole and will see that teamwork is very helpful. Later in life they will have the understanding that even though they are doing something that may not seem that big of a deal to them it is part of a bigger picture and they have a lot to offer.

5. Accountability – As an adult you need to be accountable. People need to be able to depend on you to complete tasks. As parents we should let our child be independent and in control of their own chore schedule. This will teach them to complete tasks by deadlines and will hold them accountable for their choices.

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One thought on “How Chores Are Preparing Your Child for Adulthood

  1. Marko @

    Small kids observe you doing household tasks and can help with simple things; generally, it will thrill them to do so. Ask you little ones if they would rather help empty the dishwasher or wipe off the table, if they want to help load the washer with dirty clothes or dust the floor, if they can put away the sandwich bread or set the table, etc.

    Older kids can help out, too. Instead, offer a list of tasks and ask them to pick 3 small ones or one big one. Small tasks include dusting, washing up dishes, putting laundry away, sweeping the floor, while big tasks could be mowing the grass, washing the car, or helping with grocery shopping.


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