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Teaching Your Children These Safety Tips Could Be the Difference Between Life and Death

By: Serena Crawford

As your children grow older it is important that they know about different safety measures in case an emergency comes up. Would they know what to do if a family member was seriously injured or if there was a fire? Here are some safety rules that all children should know by the time they are six years old:

1. Traffic Safety – Children shouldn’t cross the street alone unless they are with an adult or are over the age of 10. Even before they are old enough teach them the proper way to cross the street to avoid an accident. Tell them to look left, look right, and look left again before stepping off of the curb. They should step off of the curb into a crosswalk when possible and should never walk out from between parked cars.

2. Fire Safety – Every home should have a fire escape plan. You can print out a map of your home and post it where everyone can see. Teach your children about the different exits in your home and make sure that they know how to get out in case of a fire. When they are a little older teach them how to use a fire extinguisher. Have a specific spot outside to meet and make sure to remind them that they should never go back in the house for anything.

3. Crowd Safety – If you are somewhere like a fair where there are large crowds make sure your child will know what to do if they become separated. Let them know to stay where they are if possible so that you can come and look for them and to keep an eye out for someone with a name tag such as a security officer.

4. Animal Safety – All kids love animals but should know at a young age what the appropriate conduct around them is. Teach your children to ask before they touch someone else’s pet. Tell them about different animals that they should never go near such as bears, snakes, and large animals.

5. Water Safety – Swimming safety is a big issue and all young children should know about it when they are young. Enroll your child in swim lessons so that they will know how to swim should they fall into a body of water. Teach them to stay close to the shore when they are in the ocean to ensure they are not pulled out by a riptide. Also ensure that children are wearing an age appropriate life jacket when they are out swimming if they have not had lessons.

6. Calling 911 – Teach your children the proper use of 911. Make sure that they know how to use each of the different phones that are in your home in case of an emergency. Act out emergency situations and give them a play phone to pretend to call 911 on so that they will know how to act if the situation should present itself.

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