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Did This School Take Things Too Far?

By: Krystle Crossman

A Fort Meyers High School student has been stripped of her National Honors Society title because her shoulders were showing during her election speech. The 17 year old female, Cameron Boland, wore a nice sundress and a jacket to her speech. It became hot and so she took the jacket off. She got up and made her speech for the elections and thought everything was going well. She was running to be elected as the historian for NHS. After the speech was over and she found out that she had won the election she called her mother with excitement. She was adding this title to a long and impressive list such as class president, a delegate for Girls State which is a leadership camp, and captain of the basketball team. She then had to make a tough call to her mother a little less than an hour later where she stated that she had been stripped of the historian title already because the school felt that her sundress violated the school dress code because her shoulders were showing.

Boland’s mother was furious and will be appealing the decision at the next school board meeting. Cameron was giving her speech in a different school and she stated that she considered it to be a field trip and not a school function. It was stated that after her speech some of the students complained and that is when she had her title, that she won fair and square, away from her. The dress code for the Lee County District does not state anything about bare shoulders or dresses that have thin straps. It states that no strapless dresses, miniskirts, and midriff outfits can be worn. It also states that the student must be covered up appropriately for school. Cameron asked if she could do her speech again, put the jacket back on even though it was far too hot, and apologize to those who complained but they would not allow her to do that either.

The handbook for the school also states that if there is a dress code violation the parents will be contacted and the student will be given a verbal warning. Boland stated that she was not contacted by anyone other than her daughter. Cameron also was not given any warnings. She was immediately stripped of her title and that was that. Cameron was not the only one that was a victim of this unfortunate incident. Another girl who wore a dress that was similar was stripped of her title as president of NHS. Cameron stated that there were many students that were not following the dress code that day but only the girls that were showing their shoulders were the targets. Boland stated that every time she has contacted the school to argue her daughter’s case she has been told to “drop it” which is not acceptable to her.

Do you think the school went too far with it decision?

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