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Black History Was White Washed: Africans Came to America Before Columbus

By James Merritt

Renowned Black art collector and author of The Kinsey Collection, Bernard Kinsey, calls it “The Myth of Omission.” Author of Powernomics and lecturer on Black wealth, Dr. Claud Anderson, calls it “White Washing.” Others simply call it White lies! Whatever you call it, there is no denying that African history has been largely erased from history books worldwide. For example, it is widely believed and taught that Christopher Columbus (pictured) discovered the Americas. Au contraire. Here are 10 facts that prove otherwise.

Columbus Himself

Columbus said himself Africans were in America. In the book, “Africa and the Discovery of America,” Harvard historian Leo Weiner explains that Columbus noted in his journal that the Native Americans confirmed “black skinned people had come from the south-east in boats, trading in gold-tipped spears.”

American Narcotics Discovered in Egyptian Mummies

The Egyptian dead are sent to the after life with all sorts of gifts. Some even got narcotics like cocaine and nicotine. Historians have found the drugs buried with mummies which suggests that such compounds made their way to Africa through trans-Atlantic trade that would predate Columbus’ arrival by thousands of years.

Egyptian Artifacts in North America

Many archaeologists and historians largely deny the presence of African artifacts in America. But Dr. David Imhotep, the author behind the book “The First Americans Were Africans: Documented Evidence,” writes that Egyptian artifacts were found all across North America. Examples include the Algonquin writings on the East Coast to the artifacts and Egyptian place names in the Grand Canyon.

Ancient Pyramids

Ancient pyramids don’t only exist in Egypt. The more sophisticated pyramids that now stand at Giza were possible because of the work done by African in Egypt. Professor Everett Borders noted the presence of completed pyramids in La Venta in Mexico but the unusual absence of any earlier forms of the pyramids. According to Borders, it’s a sign that Africans, having already mastered the construction of pyramids in Egypt, sailed over to the New World and constructed these dual-purpose tombs and temples in the Americas.

Ancient African Skeletons Discovered in the New World

There have been many instances of archaeologists discovering skulls and skeletons that they believed clearly belonged to people of African descent. Polish professor Andrzej Wiercinski revealed the discovery of African skulls at Olmec sites in Tlatilco, Cerro de las Mesas and Monte Alban. Even more ancient African skeletons that would clearly predate Columbus’ arrival in the Americas were discovered throughout Central America and South America with some even being unearthed in what is now California.

A Clear Link in Religion

Africans left their influence on Native American religion as well. The similarities are undeniable. Deities with dark skin and coarse hair were prominent throughout their religion. Many surviving portraits reveal these deities who were clearly crafted in the likeness of Africans. Historians also point to wall paintings in caves in South America that depict the ancient Egyptian “opening of the mouth” and cross libation rituals.

The Accounts of Other European Explorers

Christopher Columbus wasn’t the only European explorer who made note of an African presence in the Americas upon his arrival. At least a dozen other explorers, including Vasco Nunez de Balboa, also made record of seeing “Negroes” when they reached the New World. Mexican natives documented their presence as well.  Nicholas Leon, an eminent Mexican authority, recorded accounts from natives describing the oldest inhabitants as “Blacks and giants.” He also noted that nearly all the races in Mexico had words to describe African people.

Africans Were Master Shipbuilders

Contrary to popular belief, Africans were master shipbuilders who sailed all over the word before other cultures understood shipbuilding. In fact. it was part of there tradition. Shipbuilding and sailing are over 20,000 years old in the Sahara and cave wall paintings of ancient ships were displayed in National Geographic magazine years ago.  Dr. Julian Whitewright, a maritime archaeologist at the University of Southampton, explained, “the voyage from Africa on ancient ships was quite a plausible undertaking, based on the capabilities of the vessels of the period and historical material stating it took place.”

Gigantic Stone Heads in Central Mexico

Ivan Vab Sertima asserts that the Olmec civilization was the first significant civilization in Mesoamerica. Popularly know by historians as “Mother Culture of Mexico, this civilization is best known for the colossal carved heads in Central Mexico. The heads predate 800 B.C. and are crafted in the likeness of Africans. But statues are not their only contribution. The Olmecs  were also responsible for introducing written language, arts, sophisticated astronomy and mathematics to Mesoamerican civilization.

A Long History of Trade by Sea

Ancient kingdoms in West Africa have a long history of trade by sail. At the time, traders were known to always expand their territories. African ships often utilized the Nile and crossed these large lakes to get from place to place and traded with other African civilizations along the way. After expanding their trade to the Americas, they certainly made their mark as things like African native cotton were soon being discovered all across North America.


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8 thoughts on “Black History Was White Washed: Africans Came to America Before Columbus

  1. Vandellish

    I definitely don’t have a problem with this knowledge being refreshed in our community dialogue but this stuff was all spelled out years ago in the books “Before the Mayflower” and “They Came Before Columbus.”

  2. George Mayo

    “The Egyptian dead are sent to the after life with all sorts of gifts. Some even got narcotics like cocaine and nicotine. Historians have found the drugs buried with mummies which suggests that such compounds made their way to Africa through trans-Atlantic trade that would predate Columbus’ arrival by thousands of years.”
    O.K., is the author trying to say that there were black dope dealers when white people still lived in caves?

    • REgina

      I see you fail to comprehend what the author is trying to say and yet you make fun of the knowledge that is put before you.

      Go and BORROW a G.E.D.

  3. richard

    The bigger picture is the fact the real history of Africans is not taught by white America nor do they care. Whites have dilluted americas history and their offspring carry that lie today.

  4. Tyne

    If we know our true history as a people then maybe we will have black love and unity. Our history is too great and amazing for us to be ignorant

  5. Mimi ross

    I’m sick of these racist white washed lies!- against us blacks who by the way were created first!- starting with Adam and eve!- in Gods own image!- thats right!!who were very black!!! From the black dirt!! The garden of eden went thru ethiopia!- thats Africa!!-Period! This has to stop! What next David and Goliath movie?!- and showing them both being white again! That would be a lie too!- they were black too! Its enough already with these false images in so called documentaries and in biblical movies showing everything in nothing but white lies!- why- that’s so wrong! Don’t believe these lies its not right!- now this is black history month!- and more truth will come out! Against all racists!- I m proud of it! And now the nerve for racist hollywood to do it again lying about people from the bible who were black! With locks or braids in the hair like SAMSON!- as a white man with straight hair or latin!- either way its still a lie!- Samson was definetly a black brother!! And warrior for God!!! Deal with that!! Yet they just cant seem to accept it!- too bad its still the truth! That most people from the bible was black and mixed culture! Before all whites we were already here!! Believe it or not!- that’s the truth! And only the truth will set u free! Peace!


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