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Home-schooler To Graduate With Triple Major in Pre-Med, Maths, Computer Science at 17

By Robert Stitt

In the Unites States black males are twice as likely to be held back in elementary school as white males, three times as likely to be suspended from school, and only half as likely to graduate from college. Good thing Stephen R. Stafford II didn’t listen to all of those negative statistics.

Stafford, who is from Lithonia, Georgia, started his education playing school with his older sister when he was only 2 years old. Now 17, he is set to graduate college with a triple major and could complete medical school by the time he turns 22.

Many of the horror stories we hear about the African American achievement gap, particularly for black males, is related to public schools. Stafford’s mother was not about to take that chance and homeschooled him. By the time he was 11, his mother found that he was too smart for her to teach, even though she was quite intelligent. She had him audit Algebra II at Morehouse College in Atlanta. The next year he aced precalculus and Morehouse College allowed him to officially enroll.

Though he will graduate this year with a triple major in pre-med, mathematics and computer science, he doesn’t see it as anything special. In 2010, he was quoted as saying, “I didn’t know what the big deal was about…I just knew it was the next step in my education–and I’m gonna do what my mother tells me to do.” Now those are words of wisdom worthy of a young man who has just been named one of the “World’s 50 Smartest Teenagers.”

After graduation, Stafford will attend Morehouse’s School of Medicine and one day specialize in obstetrics and fertility. The classically trained pianist says, ““I’m just like any other kid. I just learn very, very quickly.”

While not every child can turn out like Stafford, we have to wonder just how many more great achievers there would be if they were given the same educational opportunities. Granted, not every parent has the ability to home-school their children but it is amazing what can happen when they do. 


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24 thoughts on “Home-schooler To Graduate With Triple Major in Pre-Med, Maths, Computer Science at 17

  1. Ruthanne

    Imagine how many brilliant kids would be alive had they not been aborted.
    Hats off to this kid and his homeschooling mom!

  2. angel

    Or imagine how many messed up depressed, antisocial, delinquent, or homicidal kids we would have because they were forced to be raised in poverty, or resented by the parent that was raped or can’t take care of them, or was raised in an already over taxed foster system where they were physically and/or sexually abused. There are two sides to every coin, no one should force others to have a child that they will not appropriately take care of unless they themselves plan on adopting that child.

    • ann burdette


      I understand the point you are making, that the “second side of the coin” would be this:
      the child is better off dead than take a chance you might be antisocial, or depressed or other things for which there is absolutely no cure or remedy or help.

      Additionally, your point doesn’t consider those thousands who have been adopted into loving families growing up to do amazing good in society.

      One of the loveliest women I know, who impacts hundreds of people for good, was the product of the terrible rape of a 14 year old, a very brave girl, who didn’t kill her for a crime she didn’t commit.

      Those who promote your view wouldn’t deem her worthy of a chance.

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  4. Let Them Live

    “Angel”. Imagine if we just killed all of the messed up depressed, antisocial, delinquent, homicidal kids… or those who were raised in poverty… or were resented by their parent… or raised in a foster system… or who were physically and/or sexually abused. Or should we just kill the ones that you, personally, believe may, some day, fit one of those categories? Should we stop with the kids or eliminate the adults that fit your description as well? You’re correct that there are two sides to every coin, just as there are multiple facets (some good and some bad) of every person created in the image of Holy God. Imagine if this world was full of only the people you (or I, or any other person) individually believed were worthy of life itself.

    • David Langley

      Angel wants to decide who gets to live and multiply. Almost sounds like she wants to create a master race. No doubt she supports the most successful Eugenics activist Margaret Sanger. If you reject the notion that you are master of your own destiny, who gets to decide if your life is enjoyable enough to keep living? What standards are set? What if your masters decide living life as a devout Christian is a miserable existence? Do they kill you, or just your children? Should Helen Keller have been murdered? What about disabled Vets? Are you going to decide you would be miserable, so they should die?

      Abraham Lincoln was born into grinding poverty, but they didn’t call it poverty back then, they just called it life, and gave thanks to God every day that they were born into a society that didn’t force them to stay there.

    • Julia

      Thank you, “Let Them Live”.
      We are image bearers with eternal souls.
      We are made for something and even in the difficulties we strive to protect the innocent.

      (Think of Ben Carson’s story.)

      America is about people ENCOURAGING and being available for the unfortunate. AND striving to improve our communities. It all reflects back to our parenting and character building in the home. We need parents to encourage education. Way to go Stafford !! What an AMAZING disciplined young man. (it was the Classical piano training 🙂 )

  5. D.D. McCann

    Kudos to this young man and to his mother! She saw a need and wanted the best for her son, and he is working hard to achieve his goals.

    Shame, shame, shame on the ones who are turning this into a debate about abortion and then one religion. This is not the place or time for that.

    • granny

      Yes, a mom who knew the value of a good education. Can’t blame schools for parents who take no interest in their children’s schooling. Both mom and son should be very proud of this accomplishment.

  6. Miriam

    Imagine how the world would be if not every nice article gets hijacked. I really don’t see what abortion has to do with this article.

    And Stephen I take my hat of for you and bow. Congratz

  7. Joe Greenwell

    Hot damn that kid is the BOSS. He may not be a model for everyone but all students should try and be like him. Every citizens contributes to our nation but he will certainly contribute more than to many others. Good for him and his parents.

  8. Blair

    I love these kinds of stories! Our kids are home schooled and we live in Lithonia too. Congratulations to this young man. 🙂

  9. dshelton

    My husband and I home schooled our sons during the elementary years and I know it made a difference in their academic achievement. I admire the sacrifice this young man’s parents made to give him more options in life. That’s what being a parent is all about, making sure your children have more advantages than you .

  10. B-M

    Kudos to this kid. But this also shows that the “statistics” they try using all the time are FALSE. No child will be left behind, if they themselves choose NOT TO. All kids can learn, can stay in school or be someone in this world. They need to stop filling kids heads with lies that they can not be something better because thats what these statistics do. Kids will not try if you tell them 3/4 of them will never be anything in life. They have a choice, and this kid is proof. Congrats.

  11. Trish

    Re the comment, \Nobody forces someone to get pregnant, though. There is a simple way to avoid that one.\: Has this person never heard of rape? It’s estimated that even here in the U.S., about 1 in 5 women get raped sometime during their lifespan. A person who gets raped should not reasonably be expected to be taking birth control to prevent pregnancy, especially if they’ve never had sex and/or they have no plans to have sex. Therefore, a \forced pregnancy\ could occur. I don’t approve of the way that the so-called \pro-lifer\ (a.k.a., troll) immediately thread-crapped this young man’s inspiring story of achievement, either, but I felt compelled to say what I’ve just said, in light of some of the ridiculous comments I’ve been reading.

  12. William Clark

    We should all get together and help all Children in this world get to this point and their would be no time in America to hate each other. Our Children get hate from dum old people in this country America we need to step back and let the new young people love each other like they should and our asses should not say anything to them about the pass,let’s love each other.

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