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Meet “Lil Ice Cream Dude”:  At 10 He’s Youngest  Business Person Ever Featured on  Zagat 30-under-30 List

By Robert Stitt

While most 10-year olds are playing ball, zone out on video games, or are busy texting their friends, Beau Shell of Athens, Georgia is busy generating an income.

What started as a small ice cream cart for his eighth birthday has quickly grown into a money-making, entrepreneurial adventure. His mother, Vicky, got him the freezer cart so he could earn money for toys. The plan was to have a cart at the end of the driveway, but city ordinances prevented it. The prospect needed to grow wheels. Over the next couple of years, Vicky booked the sites, and Beau sold the ice cream; though, the ever mindful mom has been careful to keep his work/life balance in perspective.

Today, 10-year old Beau has traded his cart for a “tricked out” truck and a line-up of regular gigs. He is a member of the Athens Chamber of Commerce and the youngest person to ever be featured on a Zagat 30-under-30 list.

When asked if he always wanted to be a businessman, the dashing young star smiles widely and says, “Yes, because it’s a lot of fun when you get to work, and the payoff is when you get all that…[he pauses as he makes the money sign with his hands allowing a giant grin to spread across his face].

Ten-year-olds have other responsibilities, too. They have to go to school, clean their rooms, and do their homework. Having a burgeoning business on top of an already full plate can’t be easy. When asked if he ever gets tired and just wants the day off, he responds casually, “Ya, but I got business to do.”

With a work ethic like that, it’s a safe bet that one day soon the Lil Ice Cream Dude will be trading up his Zagat 30/30 label for a Fortune 500 one.


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2 thoughts on “Meet “Lil Ice Cream Dude”:  At 10 He’s Youngest  Business Person Ever Featured on  Zagat 30-under-30 List

  1. Brigit

    So very cool I live to hear stories like this. It shows other children to shoot for the stars because they can do anything if they want to and if they have the support of a parent or parents like Beau does.


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