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6th Grade Girl Attacked By 3 Boys at School For Her Religious Beliefs and Her Outfit

By Michal Ortner

A 6th grade girl was attacked by classmates for being Muslim at her New York Middle School on November 19. During the recess period, three boys allegedly approached the girl, calling her a terrorist before placing her in a headlock and hitting her in the face. They also removed her hijab and claimed that she was a member of ISIS.

A 911 call was placed and officers responded, calling it a bias incident where three students attacked one other student, though an official police report was not recorded. The school attempted to hold a disciplinary meeting with the students and their parents but it was offset because they wanted time to find an attorney.

“Unfortunately, young Muslims have been experiencing this for quite some time,” Corey Saylor, the spokesperson for the Council on American-Islamic Relations, said in a statement.

“Since August of last year… we’ve seen a cycle of Islamaphonia that’s had a much more violent tinge to it than we’ve seen in many, many years,” he added.

The incident took place less than a week after the Paris shootings, where Muslim terrorists killed 130 people.

“I would’ve argued that it was calming down, until Paris followed by San Bernardino,” Saylor said.

“There is no burning bush solution… but for us, the problem that we’re trying to solve is that most Americans were introduced to Islam on 9/11 watching airplanes fly into buildings,” Saylor said, adding that media coverage typically sheds a negative light on Muslims.

“If you’re subject to this steady diet of negative, and you’re getting it at home, we as a community have to figure out a way to overcome that,” he added. “I would argue that the school could make this is an opportunity for inclusiveness, making sure all the students are treated as Americans.”

“We are committed to promoting safe and supportive environments and a community of inclusion in all DOE schools,” the Department of Education said in a statement to “Inside Edition.”




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