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South African Twins Overcome Obstacles to Become Doctors

By Victor Trammell

A pair of young male South Africans just accomplished an amazing feat, which has gotten them a lot of notoriety.

Wandile Ganya, 23, and Wanele Ganya, also 23 (pictured above), have risen from hardship in their Khayelitsha township, an area in the capital city of Cape Town. The brothers are both graduating with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degree from Stellenbosch University.

The Ganya twins are two out of six siblings who were raised primarily by their mother. The mother of the young men was employed for low wages as a domestic worker during most of their childhood and adolescence. Regardless of their struggles, the pair went on to excel academically and worked hard to get accepted into Stellenbosch, a world-class educational institution located in Stellenbosch, Western Cape, South Africa.

Stellenbosch University has been highly ranked globally for its exceptional business school program. During his educational journey at Stellenbosch, Wanele was stricken with tuberculosis and suffered a serious health scare. However, his brother Wandile vigilantly took care of him during their matric year at Stellenbosch’s Center of Science and Technology.

Wandile made sure that his brother stayed on task during his studies so that they could both graduate together on time. The Ganya twins are the first ones in their family to study at and graduate from college. Both of them received the Rector’s Award, an academic accolade offered at Stellenbosch.

This award is given to students at the university who display remarkable resolve during their studies to overcome overwhelming adversity. The brothers will continue their medical training at the Ngwelezana Hospital in Empangeni, KwaZulu-Natal.

This medical institution provides District, Regional and Tertiary Services to communities from Uthungulu, Umkhanyakude and Zululand Districts of South Africa. The Ganya twins are one of the three sets of twins who will be graduating from Stellenbosch this month.

“I think that is part of the reason why we became doctors, but we also saw so many people from our community and our school doing extraordinary things and that inspired us,” said Wanele in an interview with IOL.

Both brothers will reportedly be supported by numerous members of their family during their graduation ceremony this month.

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2 thoughts on “South African Twins Overcome Obstacles to Become Doctors

  1. Dr_H

    For those that don’t know much about medicine the Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery connoted MBBS or MBBCh is equivalent to to the MD degree. The British Commonwealth nations and some Asian countries use that degree designation in contrast to the American-Continental European designation !

  2. Rhonda

    Congratulations! Your hard work and courage is an inspiration to many. Keep reaching for the stars. Blessings to you both as you continue your careers.


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