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Prestigious Prep School Covered Up $exual Assault of 26 Kids

By Staff Blogger

A prominent prep school in Rhode Island just completed its own investigation of some troubling circumstances surrounding some serious accusations, which date back to the 1970s and 1980s.

St. George’s School, a prep school in Middleton, RI revealed that 26 of its students were sexually assaulted by personnel members over an approximate time period of more than a decade. According to the New York Times, St. George’s released an 11-page report on the abuse allegations to its alumni last week.

The various incidents described in the report are very disturbing. The report states that St. George’s made its investigation public on April 7, 2015. There is a total of  six employee perpetrators of sexual abuse listed in the report. The only person who is named is Al Gibbs, a former athletic trainer at St. George’s Prep School.

Gibbs worked in the school’s athletic department from 1973 to 1980. He was fired from his job after a male student reported that he saw Gibbs taking pictures of a naked female student in the school’s athletic training room.

Seventeen other students also claimed they saw Gibbs engaging in inappropriate sexual activity with numerous other female students. The students making the claims were all from the graduating classes of 1976 to 1982. They claimed Gibbs engaged in fondling, ordering students to remove clothing, and even rape.

Gibbs passed away in 1996 without ever having to face any criminal charges over the repeated sexual abuse of minors. Another perpetrator named only as Employee Perpetrator #3 also engaged in inappropriate sexual conduct with students.

The report states that this perpetrator would commit various illegal offenses with students at his apartment. First and second-hand accounts by students claim that Employee Perpetrator #3 would ply students with alcohol before sleeping in bed with them at his residence.

The school has stated that it will pay for the therapy of every victim who was affected by the years of abuse. St. George’s Prep has also organized a special fund, which will be used for reimbursement of victims as well.

However, none of these monetary measures will buy away the fact that this school hid such atrocities for decades.

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