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School Worker and Mother of Five Accused of $ex With 14 Year Old Student

By Carolyn Tisdale

In yet another disturbing case in America, a teacher or faculty member stands accused of committing a sex crime against a student at one of our nation’s public schools.

Sara Moore, 35, an employee at St. Cloud Middle School in Osceola Couty, Florida is facing 10 counts of  sexual battery against a minor after being accused of having sex with a 14-year-old male student.

St. Cloud Police investigators were told by the boy’s parents that their son admitted to having intercourse with Moore around 15 to 25 times. The arrest affidavit states that on December 31, the offense was revealed when the victim’s parents found text messages sent by their son to Moore in the cell phone of his younger sister.

Then on Jan 1, the victim’s parents confiscated his cell phone when they found a social media message he sent that read, “I don’t want you for a mom; I want you.” The arrest affidavit also states that the parents of the victim began to have negative premonitions last November when they found a 12-pack of condoms in their son’s bedroom.

The boy met Moore around a year ago at the school and began hanging around her and her family. He eventually began attending school football games with Moore and her family members. Moore was subsequently arrested and charged after St. Cloud Police investigators were able to piece together their probe accurately.

Moore was fired by St.Cloud Middle School on Monday (January 4) after it was found she was charged with a sex crime. According to various local news media outlets in St. Cloud, Moore attended a bond hearing on Wednesday (January 6). An Osceola County judge in criminal court set Moore’s bail at $100,000.

At the bail hearing, Moore’s husband took the stand and said that he and his wife have five children together aged 10 through 17. A St. Cloud Police detective also took the stand at Wednesday’s bail hearing to give his testimony on the investigation of this case by his bureau.

The detective claimed Moore went a long way to initiate a lot of affiliations with the boy and spent a lot of time with him outside of school.

The sexual abuse of students is another driving factor behind so many parents choosing to homeschool their children rather than send them to public or private K-12 schools.

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