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GA Teacher Fired After Facebook Rant Mocking Disabled Kid

By Staff Blogger

In a disturbing case in Georgia, a teacher at John’s Creek High School was just fired after chastizing a student on social media for having a learning disability.

After a meeting with her school’s HR staff, Jennifer Lynch was removed from her teaching position with the Fulton County public school district last week. Lynch’s repulsive remarks were made on Facebook prior to the Christmas break on December 18th.

“Thanks a lot, kid, for finally coming to finish your effin’ final more than THREE HOURS after school let out,” Lynch wrote. In addition to making complaints about the teen, she called him derogatory names over the account of a learning disability.

“Holy (expletive), he’s finally gone. I get to go home now. Only 5.5 hours after school let out. On the way out, he says I’ll be the last student to walk through the doors of JCHS in 2015,” she added. Lynch also coldly described her feelings about the student.

“I want to be sad for you, but at the end of the day, we’re all better off now that you’re not around,” she also wrote.

The Fulton County school district recently released a statement condemning Lynch’s acts and describing the course of action taken against her. A portion of the statement read:

“We are appalled at the social media posts and the disrespect shown to a student. Ms. Lynch met with our Human Resources Division yesterday (the first day back for teachers) where she was notified that this behavior did not meet the standard of professionalism expected of all Fulton County teachers. She decided to resign her position and is no longer employed by Fulton County Schools. FCS does not monitor the personal social media of our staff but employees are accountable for the use of good judgement.”

In this day and age, one would think they’d have to be very careful about what they post on social media while holding a public teaching job. Jennifer Lynch has found that out that hard way. She has also probably wrecked her reputation as an educator permanently.

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