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Black Kids Hurt, Beaten, Suspended Disproportionately in School

By: Isabella Carson

For some reason corporal punishment is being used in schools across the country. An educator should never get physical with a student but it is happening quite often in some states. An alarming number of the students who are assaulted by their teachers are black students. There were over 57,000 reported cases of corporal punishment against black students in the 2011-2012 school year. Some states had much higher numbers than other states.

Mississippi has one of the highest amounts of black students being assaulted by educators in school. They also have the highest number of suspensions as opposed to their white counterparts. Out of the 57,000 incidents that were reported, 42,000 were against black boys and 15,000 were against black girls. The Southern states such as Oklahoma, Mississippi, and Georgia have the highest rates of corporal punishment against black students. One of the reasons that the numbers are so high is because they are the states that have the highest number of incidents reported no matter what the student’s race was.

Texas is a state that uses corporal punishment quite often but it is not racially disproportionate when it comes to whether the students were white or black. Alabama is another state where there is no difference between races. States in the deep South however such as North Carolina and Mississippi were extremely racially disproportionate when it came to both assaults and suspensions. Surprisingly however, Michigan and Pennsylvania were twice as likely to have incidents against black students than white students who almost never received corporal punishment.

Even though assaults should never happen it is the suspensions that are far more concerning when it comes to the future of the student who is being punished. Black children have higher numbers when it comes to out of school suspensions. This means that they miss a lot of schooling which can set them back immensely. All of the states in the country had a much higher number of black students facing out of school suspension than white students.


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