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Teacher Tells Student Her Only Purpose is to “Have Sex and Have Children”

By Victor Trammell

Today’s school teachers can be trained to say the evilest things in the presence of their students.

In the U.S. state of Georgia, a public school teacher working in 2016 just recently spoke some words to a young black female student this month that were no different  than what a former slave master would have said on a southern plantation during the American Civil War.

This story is focused on the Greene County public school district, which serves the Georgian enclaves of Greensboro, Scull Shoals, Siloam, Union Point, White Plains, and Woodville. One of the high schools in this Georgia U.S. school district is called Green County High School, which is the epicenter of this particular case.

The scandal that unraveled here is nothing short of horrendous. Shaniaya Hunter (pictured), a junior at Green County High School recently dealt with a teacher who clearly should not be certified to teach in any educational institution in  the state of Georgia or anywhere else.

When Hunter asked this teacher a question, the teacher responded with an answer that was nothing short of dehumanization. As a school-issued iPad was recording, he said, “I have been around 37 years, and clearly, you are the dumbest girl I have ever met…You know what your purpose is going to be? To have sex and have children because you ain’t never gonna be smart,” the teacher said.

“It really hurt me inside,” Hunter told WSB-TV, a local television news station. “I don’t think it’s OK. I don’t think he  should be here,” she continued. Cathy Wright, Hunter’s mother has reported this incident to the Greene County school board administration. However, Wright has been dissatisfied with how the school district brass is handling the situation.

Wright has also retained an attorney named Ben Windham, who is taking the case pro bono. “This man does not need to be teaching young children. It’s not a gray area. End of story,” Windham told WSB-TV.

The Greene County School District did not respond openly to media requests from WSB-TV regarding this incident. A district spokesperson said that they were highly restricted on what they could release as a statement publicly.

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