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Schools Spend More Money On Discipline Than Education, Especially For Black Kids

By Victor Trammell

Last week, another video surfaced of a public school security officer using excessive force against a teenage girl to subdue her.

The 12-year-old girl’s name is Janissa Valdez and she is a student at a middle school in the San Antonio, Texas Independent School District. Joshua Kehm, 27, the policeman guilty of slamming Valdez to the ground has been placed on paid administrative leave.

Rewind back to October 2015 and you have another incident where a 17-year-old black girl is physically overpowered by another school resource officer at Spring Valley High School in Columbia, South Carolina.

In this incident, another fully grown man goes overboard on an allegedly “unruly” teenage school girl MMA-style. The mainstream media powers-that-be would love for people to believe that horrific situations like these are isolated incidents, which do not reflect the will of a majority of our nation’s public school systems. published a recent article, which reported facts from a national study that showed that the nation’s three largest public school districts (New York City, Chicago, and Miami) are spending more money on student policing than they are on enriching education.

The fact from this study, which was conducted by proves the widely believed and ever-present reality that today’s public schools are nothing but a K-12 pipeline where children are prepared for the penal system, not college.

This is especially the case in urban school districts where the majority of the students are black from poor neighborhoods. “As black students and parents, we live in a society that generally expects us to fail. We are stereotyped, criminalized and forced to deal with recurring traumas,” wrote Shi’Kera Carr and Ruth Jeannoel in their article about this issue for

“However, we are also extremely resilient and resourceful, and we know what our communities need,” they also wrote. It’s really time for black parents to start thinking about other alternatives for educating their children. The public school system was never designed to work out for the greater good when it came to preparing inner-city black students for the future.

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